Support England; Regardless of Spurs

“I can not bring myself too support a team with Spurs players in it.”

I have that heard muttered a few times by English Arsenal fans who are refusing to back England in the World Cup due to Harry Kane, Kieran Trippier, Dele Alli, Eric Dier and Danny Rose being in the squad.

It’s childish and stupid. Grow up.

So what if England have a few players from Spurs, or Liverpool, or Chelsea, or whoever?

Does it matter that Harry Kane is scoring the goals? Cheer for the 3 lions, the England shirt, the England goal, regardless who is weak for or who scores it.

When we played Colombia, there were English Arsenal fans who wanted Harry Kane to miss his penalty. For David Ospina to save it. They wanted Colombia to go through.

Yet at the heart of Colombia’s defence is Davison Sanchez. A Spurs player.

So you want England to lose due to them having a few Spurs players, and then Colombia to win, even though they have Spurs players? You are happy Spurs players being successful, just not for England, it seems.

If it isn’t England you are backing (and this blog is aimed at English Arsenal fans; not those from other nations), who do you want to win?

Many of you will probably say “Belgium”. They seem to have become the neutrals favourite alongside Croatia.

Belgium have 3 Spurs players in their squad.

They have an additional 8 players from Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool. That is 11 players from Premier League rivals…

How about France? Their captain is also the captain of Spurs (Hugo Lloris) and they contain 5 players from that lot, Chelsea, Man City & Man U.

We are at war with Russia. It might not be a war that we see, but it is a war, in cyber space, in Syria, in Salisbury, but it is still war.

That leaves Sweden and Croatia.

The point is, by saying you don’t want England to win due to having too many Spurs players, it means someone else will win. Probably another team with a big load of Spurs players. Or Liverpool. Or Chelsea, Man U or Manchester City.

If we win it, Spurs fans might gloat that they won the World Cup. They did not. England won it. It just shows that Spurs are like West Ham – who claim 1966 as on of their honours. Both clubs have such little domestic success that they have to claim success with England, or former players winning trophies once they have left.

For me, I want it to come home. I want to be cheering the 3 lions on to victory today. I want to be cheering us on next Sunday to victory.

It’s coming home


2 thoughts on “Support England; Regardless of Spurs

  1. Oluwole

    The writer of this article seems brainless and is suffering from parochial tendencies that culminate from ignorant from birth. How many Arsenal fans have you seen again England to win world cup? Besides is Welbeck a Spur player? This person is very sick and i believe urgent medical attention will help solve his problem


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