JW Diaries: 4 more games & meeting Smudger

Following 5 days without any football, last Saturday saw me going to Hale End to watch our U15’s, followed by a mad dash home, drop the car off and head over to West London.

When we play Chelsea Away, it’s one of a few grounds where I drink mostly with good friends who are not Gooners. I arrived to my usual pub around 2:15 and spent nearly 3 hours there before the 15 minute walk to the stadium.

I thought that we played well in the middle and top end of the pitch; with better finishing, we would have got something from the match. Once again the defence was suspect but I felt it was a vast improvement on the previous Sunday.

Having got back to the pub, all of my Chelsea friends thought we played well and was unlucky-praise indeed!

Having left the pub around 10 pm, I should have been home just after 11. Wrong! I fell asleep on my train from West Brompton and was awoken about 11:45 at Clapham Junction which is completely the wrong direction and must have meant I went up and down the line! With the help of all night tubes and buses, I eventually got in just before 2am.

On Monday, I went to the Emirates to watch my first reserve match of the season where our U23s drew 1-1 against Brighton, both goals were in the last 5 minutes of the match, we went 1 up on 90 minutes with the visitors equalising deep into stoppage time, I thought it was a fair result.

Thursday saw a visit to Waterstones in Leadenhall Market, where I was able to spend 10 minutes exclusively speaking to ex Arsenal legend Alan Smith who was there signing his new book ‘Heads Up’.

Alan spoke to me about his thrill of signing for Arsenal, as well as his experiences of both Anfield ‘89 and Copenhagen ‘94, which incidentally are my top 2 matches that I have witnessed live!

‘Smudger’ also gave me his thoughts on the new set up; I will start to write these up and a series of blogs will be posted starting next week.

Today will see me watching the U23s for a second time in 4 days with a trip to the London Stadium, the home of West Ham, where last season we managed to win the U23 league there!

Who knows what tomorrow will bring, but the team need our support, make sure you sing & shout, loud & proud!


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