JW Diaries: Meeting Smudger Part 1

She Wore had an exclusive interview with ex Arsenal legend Alan Smith in Waterstones, Leadenhall Market last Thursday; Alan was there signing copies of his excellent autobiography Heads Up which details Alan’s start in non-league football through to his heady heights with The Arsenal.

In this first part, Alan spoke of the changes currently happening at the Club:

“I don’t believe anybody expects things to change too quickly. Twenty-Two years under one man (Arsene Wenger) and his methods, it’s a lot to change, a culture becomes ingrained in the Club along with attitudes to a certain extent”

“Emery will want to try to turn that around, he will want to bring in some more of his own players and pick the team on merit rather than reputation”

“What we need to see is a different approach and an improvement to the latter years of Arsene, more determination and organisation against the bigger sides”

“Against Chelsea it was disappointing that we were conceding chances, but at least we were creating quite a lot in the first half. Now we need to put the first two matches to bed; the season starts from here, start winning matches and try to go on a run”

“This season I believe a top four finish would be a great achievement, perhaps win a cup which of course will add to a decent season, but it won’t be easy, we need to have a bit more steel and a team which won’t rollover”

Next week, what Alan had to say about “the honour” of signing for Arsenal.


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