The Arsenal in Europe

People all over the world know about Arsenal – that says something. Because the Premier League is so popular across the globe, it stands to reason that the club’s fan base is extensive and expanding rapidly. Each day, Arsenal FC is in communication with more than 13m Twitter followers, many of whom reside outside the UK.

It’s plain to see that, in Europe, France has the biggest number of Arsenal supporters, with 34%* of fans cheering on the Gunners. Germany is a close second with 26%*, while Latvia ranks 10th on the list – Latvia contributes to just over 21%* of Arsenal’s European following (compared to other clubs in the UK Premier League). Overall, Arsenal has 20% more European supporters than any other team in English Premiership football.

Looking closely at their Twitter followership, Africa has more Arsenal supporters worldwide than anywhere else at 29%. In fact, Africa is also home to the top 3 countries in the world whose Arsenal Twitter following is greatest compared to any other club in the English Premier League: Morocco is on top with 55%, while Togo and Ethiopia have more than 50%each*.

There is increasing support for Arsenal FC in Asia; across the continent, they have a 20% fan following. Iran and Vietnam are each home to 26% of Arsenal supporters, while Taiwan has 24%*.

The Arsenal following in the UK is concentrated mainly inLondon and the South East. Because of their popularity in East London boroughs such as Hackney South and Shoreditch (26%), Bethnal Green and Bow (25%) and Poplar and Limehouse (24%), it is this area that has the largest Arsenal Twitter following*. Naturally, North London is just behind on 20%, with Arsenal supporters making up 25%* of all Premier League football fans in the borough of Islington South and Finsbury alone.

Arsenal’s rich history means the club has a far-reaching fan base in Scotland. 18%* of their Twitter following can be found in Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, which is part of Scotland’s famous Highlands region.

One thing’s for certain, and that’s Arsenal’s commitment to maintaining a consistent online presence, which is probably (in part, at least) what’s led to the club garnering such a wide international following. Also, there’s no doubt that the diversity of its teams over the years has played a key role in making Arsenal a household name the world over.

The current 28-man team consists primarily of overseasplayers; 79% are from European countries outside the UK, as well as countries in Africa, South America and Asia. With 22 internationally born footballers in its main squad right now, it’s easy to understand why Arsenal has such an esteemed reputation all over the world.

From total number of miles they’ve travelled to their biggest wins, check out this infographic to discover facts about Arsenal FC in European football.


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