5 Arsenal Books for Christmas

A lot of people have helped to promote our little blogs and shops during the last 10 years and never asked or expected for anything in return. A few gents that have helped me have written books on The Arsenal. Written by Arsenal fans for Arsenal fans, these will make an excellent Christmas present.

Arsenal: The Complete Record by Josh James; Andy Kelly; Mark Andrews

Arsenal: The Complete Record is the definitive account of one of English Football’s pioneering institutions. Collated by Josh James, Andy Kelly and Mark Andrews, this exhaustive study details every game, campaign, player and manager in the Gunners’ history up to the 2017/18 season. This record of one of English football’s great names charts every moment since 1886, including season by season accounts of every season, player profiles and many other details of the Gunners’ illustrious history. An indispensable addition to the library of every Arsenal fan including exclusive new detail on the real manager who led the club to the first Division in 1904.

Arsenal : The Complete Record is available from Amazon:

Royal Arsenal – Champions Of The South by Mark Andrews; Andy Kelly; Tim Stillman

Mark Andrews and Andy Kelly, along with editor Tim Stillman, uncover how Royal Arsenal between 1886-1993 grew to become the Champions of the South – encapsulating the football lives of the founders, players, administrators and supporters of the forerunners of The Arsenal. The location of the initial Dial Square game is revealed, how the supporters responded to their team, and the real story of Royal Arsenal becoming professional, which is a fascinating tale of how working men repelled the rapacious landlord of their ground, and at the same time, put one over the old boys’ network who ran the local Football Associations. A history of intrigue, underhand dealings, drunkenness  and sham-ateurism in Victorian era Plumstead.

Royal Arsenal – Champions Of The South is available from Legends Publishing:

Arsene’s Double Double By Dave Seager

The author (Dave Seager) has chosen to deliver his eulogy to the early success and scintillating football given to Arsenal by Wenger in an entirely unconventional style. Yes the tribute is entirely in rhyming verse, with all the iconic moments illustrated cartoon style.
However, don’t let the quirky writing medium for you. Every aspect of Wenger’s two League and Cup Doubles is covered. The key signings, the pivotal matches, the footballing style and of course the players that delivered the success with such panache.

Arsene’s Double Double is available from Legends Publishing:

Almost Invincible – The Class of 1991 By Dan Betts

In 2004, Arsenal achieved footballing immortality after going through an entire season unbeaten. That team would forever be known as ‘The Invincibles’, but 13 years beforehand, there was another Arsenal team who should have achieved that accolade first. George Graham’s title winning team of 1990/91 lost just one game in an amazing season – having to overcome some unbelievable set-backs in order to win the Championship.

The team’s inspirational captain, Tony Adams, being sent to prison, a more rigorous fixture schedule, a mid-match brawl that led to the only points deduction to have ever been given to a club – before or since –  are just some of the crazy circumstances that the Arsenal team of 90/91 had to overcome.

This book will take you through every facet of that incredible season, from the new signings, the pre-season build up and in depth league and cup match coverage combine to show readers why the Class of ‘91 should stand shoulder to shoulder with the Invincibles – and why they should perhaps be considered equals.

Almost Invincible – The Class of 1991 is available from Legends Publishing:

Theo Give Us a Ball: A Life in Football by Theo Foley & Paul Foley

Theo details the highs and lows of professional football in a bygone age. From kicking a ball about on the streets of 1950s’ Dublin to captaining a First Division team during the 1960s and becoming assistant manager at Millwall and Arsenal, this book provides a fascinating insight into football in the days when a love of the game came before wealth and fame.

During his time at Highbury, Theo became a local legend and fans would chant ‘Theo, give us a ball,’ to which he duly obliged. In this honest account, Theo reveals the highs and lows of his life in football and shares his memories of working with some of the football greats of the past

Theo give us a ball: A life in football is available from Amazon:

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