Arsenal fans shameful abuse of Shkodran Mustafi

Social media is a strange place. A horrid place at times.

People think that because they are online, under a cloak of anonymity, that they can say vile things that they would not say in the real world.

The way some behave is a disgrace; whether it be making threats, abusing women, sexual harassment or just general poor taste and vileness.

Sadly Arsenal Twitter at times is a cesspit of disgusting behaviour.

We often see people tweeting abuse to other users, threatening them, childish name calling. All stuff that they would not do in the real world. The majority of those behaving this way are cowards. You do not see them at The Arsenal. You do not see them in the pubs before and after games.

They are faceless individuals – often foreign fans or children. They think it is big and brave, funny even, to put their hatred up on social media.

After the Leicester catastrophe, Arsenal centre back Shdoran Mustafi, like many players and clubs, tweeted his condolences

Some of the responses are downright disgraceful.

At time when people are morning, and Mustafi is showing his respect to the dead, some so called Arsenal fans are replying to him, abusing him.

Some saying he should not be an Arsenal player, begging him to leave the club. Others going as far as saying they wish he was on the helicopter, wish he was dead.

Arsenal used to be a club of class. Remember who you are and what you represent. Sadly it seems the globalisation of football and rise of social media has meant that we have attracted some disgraceful individuals who have no class. They are simply not Arsenal.

We wonder why there is a disconnection between players and fans.

Gone are the days when players would walk into a pub in Islington after the game. Socialise with fans. These days they are in and out of the car park of the Emirates, trying to avoid meeting fans for fear of the abuse they would get.

At the end of the 89 DVD, the final story is about how the players all bundled into a pub in London, and how they were treated like kings.

I know players have changed, they no longer drink as much as they did during the Tuesday Club days, but they would not go into a pub, bar or restaurant due to the abuse.

They could win the Premier League and you would get a bellend having a go at Aaron Ramsey or Mesut Ozil. Probably with a camera in their hand so that they can record their “banter” and become Twitter famous for 2 minutes.

The abuse of Mustafi  in reply to his condolences tweet about Leicester is shameful. Those replying should be named and shamed.

Sadly they are faceless idiots. Going through the tweets, many are from foreign lands. Kenya, Nigeria, America.

These people are not Arsenal. They are just a load of people who like the club and think it’s funny to abuse a player paying his respects. The Arsenal has class these cling ons who think they have a affiliation with the club lack what The Arsenal is all about.


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