ITK season is open

Middle of November, the final international break of the year, seems to have meant the start of silly season with transfer rumours.

We already have the usual ITK’s on Twitter making stuff up to gain followers. You all know the ones by now, the Ali G actor, the bloke who works in a KFC in Leicester, the A level student who call himself Plug, and the bloke pretending to be a horse. It is a surprise that people still fall for their BS.

In the last week we have seen Arsenal linked with plenty of centre backs and left wingers in the press. It is the usual tactic; write as many stories as possibly about as many players and eventually one will be right.

Arsenal will be scouting 100s of players at one time, so often when the media do say that we are “interested” in a player, it is not totally untrue. However there is a big difference between us scouting a player and actually having solid interest.

One gem in this weeks news was in The Sun. The headline was:

Arsenal target ace Denis Suarez ‘gives green light’ to join Gunners with Chelsea also tracking Barcelona star

A world exclusive that the Spanish midfielder was set to leave Barcelona in January, with Arsenal his likely destination.

But then within the article was this snippet:

But, it is unclear if the Gunners have any interest in signing the Barcelona midfielder

What a waste of 500 words saying he had the green light to join Arsenal, then only to a say that it was unclear if Arsenal wanted him.

There has also been plenty of speculation about Aaron Ramsey.

On 3 consecutive days, the same paper said that Bayern Munich, Juventus and then PSG were leading the race for him.

Of course, when a deal is announced, the ITKs and papers will all point to their tweet or article saying that they “called it” ignoring the 99 names they got wrong.

Its all a load of rubbish.


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