Tottenham Hotspur – The biggest frauds in English football

No league title in 57 seasons
No FA Cup success in 27 seasons
Over a decade without any sort of trophy

Tottenham’s continual portal of themselves as one of English footballs elite clubs is no more than a fraudulent claim.

They are an average sized club who have not seen any real success for decades. 2 League Cups 27 years is not the sign of a successful, elite club.

The media continually use the phrase Big 6 to describe Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham. It is supposed to be an all encompassing phrase, grouping the teams as one, raising them above anything else in English football.

But the phrase is odd, because why are Tottenham actually in the Big 6?

They have no recent success whatsoever to boast about. They are the only side in Big 6 to have not won a trophy in the last decade. The fact that the media highlight the likes of Arsenal for not winning trophies, but defend Spurs lack of silverware shows that they do not see Arsenal and Tottenham as equals.

When it comes to league titles, Tottenham are 15th in the list of most wins. They are behind the likes of Everton, Aston Villa, Sunderland, Newcastle, Sheffield Wednesday, Leeds, Wolves, Huddersfield and Blackburn.

The year before their second and last league title, Burnley won their second title. The year before that, Wolves won their 3rd.

Currently they sit on the same amount of league titles as Preston North End, Derby, Burnley and Portsmouth.

And yet they position themselves as equals to Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool – who have 51 league titles between them; and Manchester City and Chelsea who have won 8 of the last 14.

They have neither of the historic success, or recent success, to call themselves an elite club.

But they have finished top 6 consistently over the last 10 years. Well done. But just because you finish in the top 6, does not put you on par with the other 5 sides.

We have already seen how far they lag behind in terms of silverware, but lets also look at the other barometer of success the media often use. Finishing top 4 and making the Champions League.

Tottenham have qualified for the Champions League just 4 times in their history. This weeks victory over Inter Milan means they have now won as many Champions League games as Nicklas Bendtner.

What they are doing now – being also ran’s in the league, not winning any trophies; is not more than what Newcastle achieved in the 90s or Leeds in the 00s.

They talk a good game do Tottenham. They have the 62,000 stadium, deliberately built a couple of hundred seats bigger than Arsenal’s. As if that then made them a bigger club than Arsenal. They talk about setting attendance records at Wembley and putting the pressure on Chelsea. They will probably try and claim Harry Redknapp’s success in the jungle as their own. But the reality is, they are not one of England’s elite sides.

Since their last trophy – the 2008 League Cup – the likes of Swansea City, Wigan Athletic, Birmingham City, Portsmouth and Leicester City have won trophies.

Since 1961, Ipswich Town, Everton, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Leeds United, Arsenal, Derby County, Nottingham Forest, Aston Villa, Blackburn Rovers, Chelsea and Leicester have all been crowned England’s best team.

For Tottenham to put themselves (or be put their by the media) on par with teams who have consistently won trophies – either historically or recently – is just fraudulent.

A final thought.

A Spurs on Twitter said to me that the sign of success is consistently winning trophies, and that Arsenal winning 3 FA Cups in the last 5 years was not consistent success.

You have to go back to the 1960s to find a 5 year period of success when Tottenham won more than 3 trophies (4 trophies won in the early 60s). So by their own fans admission, Tottenham have only ever had one period of success in their history.

They are not one of England’s elite clubs. A complete lack of success this century. They are not a Big 6, they are simply currently best of the rest. The team performing the best out of all the mid size clubs in English football (likes of Aston Villa, Everton, Newcastle, Leeds).

It should be of no surprise that they think highly of themselves and are deluded.

They mocked Arsene Wenger, despite him winning more during his “downfall” that Spurs have won in 27 years. They acted like finishing above their rivals twice in a quarter of a century meant anything more than a temporary blip.

With an over budget, delayed stadium, it would not surprise me to see Tottenham return to the mid-table mediocrity that has defined their last 50 years.

Tottenham – try and win a trophy before you consider yourself on par with England’s most successful clubs.


23 thoughts on “Tottenham Hotspur – The biggest frauds in English football

  1. Spud

    My word, you really do sound like some spoilt little child, who is obviously jealous and bitter that Tottenham have some plaudits about how the club is developing.

    I can actually picture you in the playground at school with all your little friends bullying the new kid because you don’t like the fact that just maybe he’s a threat to you.

    Grow up and look at it as healthy competition. After all, before Wenger, Arsenal were about as successful as spurs. Who’s to say you won’t win anything for the next 20 years too.


  2. Ian

    Tottenham don’t claim to be one of the big 6, the media say they are. Spurs are great club on the way up but are not there yet.
    It’s only some one who does not understand football that would put them in the same category and compare them to the top 5 clubs. The fact that we are even being mentioned in the same sentence shows how far we have come.
    Fraudsters we are not, in fact we are probably the most honest team in the premier league, shame about this article as it’s not in the same category.


  3. Steve

    Spurs are cold… in the shadow of Arsenal 😉 thing is, when arsenal were struggling, in comparison to our usual high standards, we still managed to win the FA Cup 😎 Emery in his first season in charge is already doing wonderful work so onwards and upwards


  4. Stephen Sherman

    Thank you for your bitter and jealous article .let’s look to the future and not to the past .If you cannot see that Tottenham are one of the biggest teams in the country it makes you look stupid .I allways respected arsenal and used them as a benchmark as to how good a team is .we are your equals .all day every day .


    1. Dougal

      What can spurs fans expect, the papers and other fans have to have a club to knock and spurs are the ones, it is all rubbish as Utd, city the scousers and Chelski would have nothing if were not for the financial backers they have on board, so in real terms spurs are growing and becoming a force without having millions available


  5. Graham Turner

    You’re judging Tottenham on league titles but you’re forgetting fa cups, league cups and EU trophies, which, if you add everything in, collectively make spurs one of the top 6 trophy winners of all time. Only bettered by arsenal, man u, Chelsea, Liverpool . Everyone says city are big 6 , and they’d be right, same too of Chelsea, but if you take away the last 15 – 20 years of cheque book management , neither of these two come anywhere close to being big 6.
    Personally, I think Liverpool and spurs were guilty of being complacent when they were winning trophies, so got overtaken by big spending man u, man city and Chelsea, but, they are now closing the recent gap. Whether either spurs or Liverpool will catch up with the haul of silverware, remains to be seen , particularly as other clubs get bought by billionaires looking for play things, but you’re wrong to discount the 24 trophies spurs have won historically. That’s two behind Chelsea, for example, who have won all but a handful of theirs under abramovic. Same with man u prior to 1993. Same with man city. The only team that has historically won trophies with any consistency since 1930 is arsenal. ( that from a spurs fan) Yet they sit third in the all time trophy haul.


  6. Mark

    Hurrah. Keenos is back from school to write about his obsession – Arsenal still being much bigger than Tottenham. Who cares? Why not just support your club and stop this puerile obsession with the club down the road. The past means nothing. The size of the club means nothing. Arsenal used to be relevant in the premier league – they aren’t anymore. They are absolutely zero threat in the title race and are not in the champions league. If being bigger than Tottenham helps then you are to be pitied. And let’s face it, you are to be pitied


    1. vegansareattentionseekers

      You say Keenos is obsessed but what are you even doing here ? I can assure you as a Gooner I have never looked at a single N17 Red Sea pedestrian blog in my life.Why would I ? I have zero interest in the spuds except in the run up to NLD’s.Any four by two fan looking regularly at this blog really need’s to take a long hard look at themselves and ask ” Am I obsessed with Arsenal” ? In case you’re to thick to work it out the answer is yes.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Mark

        As a racist why not come out and say what you really think rather than hide behind ‘four by two’ you pathetic moron. What am I doing here? Simple. I’m reading an article about Tottenham on my Tottenham newsnow feed. Are you really that stupid? It’s written by an Arsenal ‘fan’ desperate to tell himself that they are bigger than Tottenham. The rest of your post makes no sense. I didn’t ask you anything or whether you are obsessed with Arsenal. Get someone to read and explain for you next time. Better to be thought an idiot than prove it as you have done so well.


    2. keenosafc Post author

      Tottenham have been zero threat in the title race for 50 years. And what’s the point if you qualify for the CL but don’t make it into the knock out stages. Again.


    3. vegansareattentionseekers

      Racist by saying ‘Four by Two’ am I ? So how about those thousands of Tottenscum fans who sing “Yid Army” ? Or is that different somehow ? Ps 4-2.Forever in our shadow you Middlesex mug.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. c b waters

    Frauds? Not buying our way to success, but developing from within, and/or smart buying and subsequently improving players, not paying our players obscene amounts and yet keeping them happy and together through a bond that is far greater than money, managing our finances so that we’re about to move into one of the finest stadia in the world, no real ‘home’ in the past 18 months and yet still showing that, on our day, we can beat any team ..anywhere! OK, if that’s fraud ..then I defer to the ‘honest & truthful’ bloated greedy ‘paste-on success’ that is nailed to the masts of most of our rivals. Too lazy and impatient to develop properly from within or buy smart, integrate and improve, they throw obscene amounts at top established players, unsettling them, their clubs and the whole ‘corrupt’ football industry! Yes, United, City, Real Madrid, Chelsea etc.. Your fear of failure makes you weak, so keep throwing that ‘honest’ money at clubs and players in order to achieve perceived success. Yet WE are the frauds!? ..a lean fighting fit middleweight punching above his weight against massively backed (greed-ridden) heavyweights ..and more often than not, winning!? OK, maybe Spurs SHOULD have won trophies in the years between 2009 to 2013 (under Harry Redknapp, mostly) where even Fergie, during part of that time, said we were playing the best football in the PL. So that WAS a waste ..a QF place in the CL, top four finishes etc., yet still a waste despite the odd taste of Glory because Harry took his eye off the ball when he thought the England job was his for sure. But we CERTAINLY should have won trophies in the last 3 and a half seasons!! Spurs’ anything-but-fraudulent football has even made most football lovers admire hugely what Spurs have done on the pitch. Despite their association with and support for major rivals, pundits like Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher have admitted they love watching Spurs. The Spurs I’ve adored since the mid ’60s had some lean years in the mid to late ’70s, and during much of the PL period, despite League Cup success in 1999 and 2008, but that continual reaching out for Glory, through ‘truthful’ and open football has always been evident. It’s not always the ultimate trophy success that makes Glory; it’s the hope, the journey, the getting there, the displays and sometimes ‘gloriously’ falling (or failing) just short ..despite heroic efforts. And make no mistake that we, as fans, have witnessed ‘Glory’ in these trophy-less times. Inter being a wonderful example last Wednesday. And, er, not a top 6 team currently or historically??? Well, the stats show differently. We’ve the 2nd best overall PL points record (after City) in the past 4 years, so I guess that makes us (at the very least) a top 4 side (not just a ‘pretender’ in the top 6). History can also determine a club’s greatness, and we are far greater than the many teams who’ve won league titles and Cups since the early 1960s (and I include the REAL ‘pretenders’ in the top 6, City and Chelsea, both big money new boys who got lucky with their sugar daddies). The Big Five historically have always been United, Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton. Sure, there are slight changes now, but the sleeping giant that is Tottenham has properly awakened. Trophies, I admit, are now paramount, especially in light of the fact that many Spurs’ trophy-winning sides in the past 50-odd years were inferior to this brilliant current team/squad.
    Finally, remember this Mr Jealousy (or rather Mr Fearful). We were the first team to win the League and FA Cup Double in modern football history. The second British team to reach the SF of the old European Cup (following the tragic Man U team of 1958), the first British team to actually win a major European Trophy (1963). The first British team to win 2 different top European trophies (1972). By 1991 we’d won more FA Cups than any other team in history (8). In 1984 we became the first British team to win the EUFA Cup for the 2nd time. And so on.
    Lean years? Yes …but this, right now, is our time, competing ‘honestly’ and competitively against all-comers, and we’ll maintain this Glory long beyond the boredom thresholds of the Arabs and Russians, who own Citeh and Chelski, has dissipated!



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