The Highs and Lows of Following The Arsenal

It’s ying and yang. Black and white. North Korea and South Korea. Leave and remain. You can’t have one without the other.

Football is very much like that.

Over the course of your life, you will suffer more heartbreak, more disappointment, than you will see success.

Luckily for Arsenal fans we have seen a lot more success, and less heartbreak, than the likes of Tottenham, Chelsea or West Ham. But 13 league titles in 130 years. That is a lot of disappointing seasons.

For every result like last night against Tottenham, Arsenal have half a dozen memories of beating that lot.

From Rosicky on the wing, Flamini scoring twice, the FA Cup game in 2010, the 4-1 on their patch, numerous 5-2’s. In recent years we have far more W’s than L’s. And I haven’t even mentioned 2004 yet.

Take the Flamini double. What a night. The Arsenal took the piss on the High Road. But the other side of the coin is last night. In football you can’t really have one without the other.

Manchester City are riding high at the moment, a decade of success. But the prior decade was relegation after relegation.

There city rivals Manchester United are suffering after 20 years of dominating English football.

Nights like last night will hurt. Losing 5-1 to them hurt. 1991 hurt. But without that hurt, the victories will not taste as good.

North London is red” comes from nearly 60 years of dominance
Of 13 league titles & 13 FA Cups
Of 71 and 2004
The invincibles and 49 unbeaten
Winning a handful of times or finishing ahead twice in over 20 years changes nothing

The world is not perfect. You can not expect to only ever celebrate. The majority of us do not.

Last night was a bad day at the office for The Arsenal. There have been hundreds of bad days in my lifetime. And there will be hundreds more before I die. There will also be plenty of glory days. Plenty of success.

They balance themselves out. Without one you can not have the other.

Pleasure and pain.


1 thought on “The Highs and Lows of Following The Arsenal

  1. Sue

    Up one minute, down the next! I wasn’t expecting our unbeaten run to last forever, but it does hurt (especially losing to that lot down the road) I hope we’ll get back to winning ways on Saturday…. hope some of our players are back – I’m no manager but I don’t like playing Xhaka as a CB… I could rant all day long about last night, but at the end of the day they took their chances & played better 😫 plus that person throwing that bottle has made us look a right bunch of tw*ts… onto Saturday COYG



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