Stan Kroenke backs “games abroad” in $50 million deal

A source within the club have told us that Stan Kroenke has instructed Raul Sanllehi to vocally back the idea of playing games abroad during meetings of the Premier League.

The idea of playing games abroad has been floated for some time; with “Game 39” being backed by all American owners.

We have been informed that not only does Kroenke back Game 39, but he also wants “at least 10 games a season” to be played in America.

Kroenke’s investment company, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment , are currently overseeing the building of the  Los Angeles Stadium for his Los Angeles Rams side. At $4.963 billion and a 100,000+ capacity, it is one of the most expensive stadiums in history of sport.

According to our source, Kroenke believes that in the future Arsenal play at least 10 games a season in Los Angeles, with the remaining Premier League, cup and European games taking place in London.

The deal will be the reverse of the Tottenham deal with the NFL – where the NFL pay Tottenham to rent the stadium per game.

If Arsenal were to play games at the Los Angeles Stadium from 2021, Kroenke Sports & Entertainment could charge the club up to $5 million per game in rental fees – generating up to $50 million a season if Kroenke gets his 10 game wish. This would go a huge way to paying off the loan that KSE have taken out to finance the stadium.

Kroenke is reportedly backed by the Glazier family and the Fenway Sports Group, who own Manchester United and Liverpool respectively.


5 thoughts on “Stan Kroenke backs “games abroad” in $50 million deal

  1. Bill Tyson

    And there it is, proof that for Kroenke, Arsenal is simply a cash cow. Home games played in America, yeah, that’s great for the real fans here isn’t it???



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