Arsenal in the Community partner Islington Foodbank

Arsenal are set to announce that they are helping Islington Foodbank in an attempt to combat poverty and hunger in the Borough.

At the next home fixture against Crystal Palace there will be two donation collection points – one at podium level outside the Arsenal Museum and the other outside the Community Hub.

We are encouraging everyone to get involved and donate to the local community, whether that be by dropping off some food on game day, or making a small donation to the cause.

Islington Foodbank urgently require:

if you are not going to the game, or unable to bring a donation, you can make a cash donation via the website.

Like much of London, Islington has two sides.

Many people think it of a rich, affluent borough. One which contains the likes of Highgate, Cannonbury Square and Clerkenwell. Numerous politicians, actors and musicians call it their home.

But in the Borough you go from houses worth over a million pound on one side of the street to extreme poverty on the other side. Islington is a borough where 1 in 124 people are either homeless or living in temporary accommodation.

You only have to walk around the Kings Cross area at any time during the day to see the homelessness.

Islington Foodbank is run entirely by over 100 volunteers, who do everything from managing stock in the warehouse, preparing bags for our clients, and organising supermarket drives, to meeting our clients to give them their food and talk through the difficulties they’re facing.

It was established by a group of volunteers in 2011 as part of The Trussell Trust network of foodbanks and operates from Highbury Roundhouse on Ronalds Road. It is open twice a week on Mondays and Saturdays from 1pm – 4pm.

The aim is to provide people who find themselves in a crisis with 3 days’ worth of emergency food, so the focus is on collecting donations to meet the demand in Islington.

It is fantastic that Arsenal in the Community have decided to partner Islington Foodbank, continuing their long term pledge to help charities and residents of the local area.

Also at the Crystal Palace, fans of both sides will be walking from Selhurst Park to the Emirates to raise awareness of mental health and male suicide.


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