Nobody wants to say “I told you so” but…

I told you so.

Back in April I wrote about Arsenal’s £40m lie.

With blog was aimed at dispelling the media lies that Arsenal had just £40million to spend.

Within the blog I stated “our total summer transfer spending will be close to £140million”. Arsenal actually ended up spending over £140million,

Numerous times on Twitter, both myself and GC tried to put people straight:

Most did not listen. Most continued spreading the lies.

The truth is Arsenal’s budget was £40million. But it was not £40million to spend on transfer; it was £40million that Arsenal could increase costs by.

This included amortised transfer fees, agent fees and salaries.

Players leaving have saved Arsenal £30million in salaries. New player salaries come to about £25million. amortised transfer fees are £40million.

That means our yearly costs have increased by around £35million. just inside the £40million mark.

It has been a fabulous summer transfer window for Arsenal. The best in a decade?


3 thoughts on “Nobody wants to say “I told you so” but…

  1. Arthur

    You’re right. There is no need to say ‘I told you so’. We are all clever at least once in our lives. You are also right, best transfer window in a long time.


  2. Jimmy B

    Good on you. Tell um so again. They need it. Ormstein announced over a year ago that this was the season Arsenal would spend big.



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