No shape, no urgency, no width, no pace….but there is still some hope

I do like to have a moan, and the last 13 years that’s all I’ve done. Last season, it felt like a new dawn, this season, it feels like nothing has changed at all and someone has played an awful trick on me.

The people I follow The Arsenal with are my age, in their 40’s and 50’s. We’ve seen the greatest of times and possibly looking back were spoilt. We’ve also been through some crap times but always had that faith that better days were to come.

Transition is always difficult and it’s never quick. Change takes a long time. We see that with our fan base, who mostly are waiting for change to happen around them rather than being integral in it. We need to stop waiting for the players to lift us, it’s not going to happen, let’s step up and do our bit.

Whoever came in after Wenger was going to have a mammoth task, but right now, we don’t have the man in place to start to resolve that. We need a change and we need a future that we can see and focus on. Right now it feels as though we are trudging through a dense forest with no end in sight. The worse thing Emery said was we would play ‘pressing football’……that’s no where to be seen. The inconsistency is frustrating to say the least and the fact I cannot see how we are trying to play is infuriating. No shape, no urgency, no width, no pace…….it’s all so familiar.

But football changes all the time, no one stays in the lead for long. Look at the clubs who were real contenders back in the day, apart from the obvious few, most have sunk like the titanic. We haven’t. We’ve certainly gained a few holes, we’ve certainly forgotten how to sail for a bit, but we are still there.

<> at Emirates Stadium on May 23, 2018 in London, England.

We have a bright future with youngsters coming through on and off the pitch and what we need more than ever is to back them. Don’t moan about youngsters on their seats or standing all game or banging a drum, don’t groan when on the pitch they give the ball away.

My son is 16 and follows us home and away. It’s watching him and listening to how he talks about our great club that I realise there is still some hope.

For the first time in years, a new generation are evolving and taking ownership. The Ashburton Army are a group of young fans who love the club like we did, and mostly still do. They don’t pick and choose their games, they go to every game they can, blagging tickets however they can. They group up, sing, and for 90 minutes support us. They are the future and as they grow into moaning bastards like the rest of us, I take some comfort that we are in good hands.

If we want a club to hand over to the next generation, we still have a job to do in making sure they have half a chance with it.

It’s our job to weed out the fans who thinks it’s ok to send death threats to our players, or to challenge them on social media when they go all green street. We don’t need this to be associated with our club, let’s get back to people hating us for all the right reasons.

We will continue to change, continue to experience all the ups and downs and we will find the right fit for us. But in the mean time, moan in the pubs, swear and rant in the train home, but let’s do our job during those 90 minutes.

History, Class, Tradition.



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