Henry v Aguero – There is only one King of the Premier League

This weekend Sergio Aguero overtook Thierry Henry as the highest scoring foreign player in English football.

Both are incredible strikers capable of turning a game on their own god given ability alone, capable of scoring all sorts of goals.

There goal scoring record in the league is near identical.

Henry scored his 175 goals in 258 games, Aguero’s 176th came in his 255th game. As goal scorers, it is pointless discussing them as their records are identical.

However when it com4s to evaluating them both as a player, as a striker, Henry is clearly the superior player.

Henry is 11th on the Premier League all time list for assists; Aguero is 47th.

In Thierry Henry, Arsenal had a player who got the goals of Aguero and the assists of Kevin de Bruyne. His 20 assists in the 2002/03 season is still a record.

When it comes to strikers, only Wayne Rooney is on par with Henry when it comes to scoring and creating.

The Englishman has 31 more goals and 239 assists than Henry – but also played 233 more games

Aguero and Henry are both great strikers, but there is only one king.



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