The inconsistency of VAR

Consistency. That’s all we ask for.

I have no issue with the Nicolas Pepe penalty decision against Sheffield United. As long as VAR is consistent.

Next time a referee points to the spot after Jamie Vardy, Son or Wilfried Zaha initiate contact and goes down, I expect VAR to intervene and overturn the decision.

Likewise I understand why Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was sent off against Crystal Palace. But since then how many other similar challenges have occurred and VAR has decided not to issue a red card?

VAR should not only exist to overturn “clear and obvious errors” but should also ensure a greater level of consistency in decision making. What is a penalty or red card in one game should be a penalty or red card in the next.

We have already seen with the Aubameyang red card that VAR lacks inconsistency. There have been at least 2 similar challenges since VAR upgraded yellow to red. In neither case was a red card issued.

We also know that between now and the end of the season, Vardy, Son or Zaha will go down under similar circumstances as Pepe. The ref will point to the spot and VAR will fail to overturn the penalty.

The problem with VAR is not the technology. It is those interpreting the incident.

An individuals interpretation of an incident still leads to inconsistent decision making. What one referee thinks is a penalty another might not.

The Calum Chambers “foul” for Sokratis last minute winner still baffles me. It wasn’t a foul yet the VAR decided it was. We have seen more blatant fouls ignored.

VAR can be a good thing. It worked well at the last World Cup. But in the Premier League it has lead to consistent decision making.

At the moment all it is doing is highlighting how inconsistent referees are.


2 thoughts on “The inconsistency of VAR

  1. John

    VAR is manned by referees or former referees who have remained with their biases against certain teams. You wonder, why does VAR work seamlessly in the Netherlands and it doesn’t in the UK? So for me having VAR or not is the same, until the FA and the referees association changes drastically. The number of refs should be expanded, it limits biases because now, a sing;e ref can take charge of more than 5 games for a team in a single season. In other words, he can decide the fate of at least 15 points of a team, so much power!


  2. Joe

    And now VAR has cost us 11 points after Saturday’s game, where is the outrage from Arsenal football club?, where is the outrage from the media?,the outage where’s from the Premier League, all very silent . The silence is itself tells an even bigger story.If Liverpool had been cost 11 points by VAR the back pages would be oh so different as would Klopp’s interviews.With so many blatant mistakes by VAR ( we’re now top of the league for VAR mistakes ) you can understand fans listening more and more to conspiracy theories. But one last point. What is the Sports Governing Body doing about this?. Because even I am starting to wonder now if there are payments being made to fix certain matches or to aid certain teams . It reallly is looking very dodgy now.



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