Talk about medals; not money

According to this mornings media, Matteo Guendouzi spent the game boasting that  earns more than any Brighton player ‘ever will’.

‘He was saying the Brighton players were s*** and that he and his team-mates earn so much more than they ever will,’ a source said. ‘He’s done it in other games as well. Arsenal are a decent club and hate that sort of behaviour.’

It is a crass attitude and one which Guendouzi either needs to sort out, or get out.

Boasting about how much money you earn is poor form. We see it on social media a lot. People claiming others are jealous of them because of how much they earn. This ignores the fact that their are much more important things in life than having a big bank account.

There is no point earning big money if you have no loved one, no friends, no family. It is a lonely existence.

In football, earning big money should not take the place of winning trophies.

Too many players these days are motivated by how much money they earn. It has seen players go to China and the Middle East in the hunt for big bucks.

In 2015/16, Leicester players would have earned less than those at Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham. They won the league.

Whilst Dele Alli can look at a big bank balance, Marc Albrighton can look at his Premier League winners medal.

Someone needs to get hold of Guendouzi and explain that he should be focusing on winning games, winning trophies, and not his bank balance.

That if the Frenchmen knuckles down and puts in the consistent performances he is capable of, even bigger money than the £40,000 a week he earns will come his way.

The worry is Guendouzi’s comments are echoed amongst others in the squad.

From Mesut Ozil to Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang; Matteo Guendouzi to Bukayo Saka, have we amassed a group of players more interested in what they earn rather than what they win?

The Saka contract situation is becoming a worry.

The talk is he (or his representatives) are holding out for more money.

At 18-years-old, he is getting regular football at a top Premier League club. His career is now potentially at a crossroads.

Go and join Manchester City or Liverpool for more money, sit on the bench and become the next Scott Sinclair; or remain at Arsenal on less money, play week in week out and potentially become a superstar.

If he is as good as he thinks he is, the big money and success will come with time – whether that be at Arsenal or elsewhere. But a move now would be entirely motivated by money.

Maybe as punishment for his attitude, Guendouzi should be cleaning the changing rooms for a week. Get him scrubbing those toilets. Teach him to appreciate and respect the privileged position he is in.

If he only cares about what he earns, maybe the time has come to sell him to PSG.


1 thought on “Talk about medals; not money

  1. Sue

    I really like Guendouzi… but it’s very disappointing reading this! To say their players are sh*t… after we’d just lost to them!!! Maybe he should take a look at himself before mouthing off! Maybe a little growing up is needed?
    And to bring money into it…that speaks volumes and going by the performances of late, I’d say that is all they’re interested in! So sad….



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