Vinai to leave football operations to the experts

It was disappointing to see the announcement of Vinai Venkatesham being promoted to the most senior Arsenal employee he met with some casual racism.

What was equally as disappointing was that much of the abuse came from South Asian Arsenal “fans”.

Vinai is one of the few people from with a BAME background in a high profile Premier League job, and yet instead of him being celebrated, people racially abuse him.

He is in his role because of his ability, not because of his ethnicity. It is a role he deserves and highlights once more that Arsenal are a diverse club.

The racism is not needed. It is never needed.

The interview with Vinai was an interesting one.

In it he describes Mike Arteta and Edu as the “two experts” and “they have a very, very clear plan about how they want to rebalance our squad in the short term, in the medium term and in the long term.”

He also mentions Per Mertesacker overseeing the academy.

It is clear that Vinai understands his own expertise and is not going to pretend to be something he is not. He will not interfere in the footballing side of Arsenal – he will leave that to the experts.

The other interesting aspect is the age of all.

Vinai is just 39 (which is surprising!), Edu 42, Arteta 38 and Per 35.

We have a young, hunger, energetic management team looking to move the side forward.

Finally, it is that time of year when people diatribe fake opening day fixture lists. And it the media are reporting on these “leaks”.

Incredible really that media outlets should be fact checking stories before writing them.

It is no surprise those papers and radio stations reporting the news. It just shows that they are more interested in reporting news that gets hits, not news that is true.



1 thought on “Vinai to leave football operations to the experts

  1. carl

    Totally agree with everything you just said, The media are writing BS stories and headlines and reporting false information as usual. They have been doing it for so long now its embarrassing for them but shows their so called journalists are nothing but gutter press.This isnt just sport articles but the whole media information and articles. The reason their journalists are writing rubbish is simply because they have lost all trust from football clubs and the population as a whole.Their relationships they once had within clubs have been eroded by their constant lies and false articles.. shame on them. Its now the independent news outlets that are reporting the truth and are the real journalists, where we get the facts on everything they write sports and business and political !! The main stream have lost their way and are run by the left which is why they have been dying a death. What a shame but good for the independent media outlets that have filled the void left by the main stream !! only today i read an article by the Mirror about Sanllehi saying he warned the club before he left but in the article itself had nothing about what they headline said and Sanllehi said nothing of the sort.. They said he walked because he had lost control of transfers, which is total rubbish. I hear where it right or wrong but from a reliable source that he was indeed sacked for reasons with regards to the Pepe deal and other things. The mirror even went on to say that Sanllehi was against the sacking of 55 staff and the sacking of scouts and why he left. but Sanllehi never said anything of the sort and as i have it it was his idea to shorten the scout staff himself. Main stream media just writing articles whilst sitting on the toilet as a normal…
    I believe letting Arteta and Edu rebuild the club and have more control over signing is a great idea, it is madness to buy players for the club but the manager doesnt have any input before the deals are signed. Its utter madness its best to have Arteta talking with Edu and highlighting players that he would like. As Arteta is the one that will know what he needs and if the player will fit not a guy like Sanllehi just buying from his agent friends??? the players he wants or what the agents want us to have ???? Sanllehi was using just 2 agents that is weird and i smell something fishy there and probably why he was sacked…shades of George Graham maybe ????



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