Bellerin, Torriera, Holding OUT, Gabriel, Partey, Aouar IN – Just how could Arteta’s squad look?

So in the last week I have been playing about with the Arsenal squad.

We are going to see some popular players leave the club, from Hector Bellerin to Rob Holding, Lucas Torreira to Matteo Guendouzi.

Sales will be used to sign players that improve the squad, albeit not like for like – ie the sale of Bellerin will not necessarily finance a new right back.

Mikel Arteta, Edu and the transfer team can see the bigger picture. They know what money we need to raise to make the signings we need, and what the squad will look like.

Somewhere in London Colney will be a white board with names written on it.

That white board will have Arsenal’s current squad listed, and beside each player will have an “ideal replacement”. This what Arsenal are targeting when building the 2020/21 squad.

I imagine the white board will look something like this:

All this leads to a fairly basic question. Which squad is stronger?



4 thoughts on “Bellerin, Torriera, Holding OUT, Gabriel, Partey, Aouar IN – Just how could Arteta’s squad look?

  1. carl

    Aqura is simply not coming to Arsenal this season !! and this is why Ceballos and Smith-Rowe.. I think getting rid of Holding is a massive mistake as the Guy has shown time and time again what a decent defender he is when he gets a run in the side !! and will be great cover for Saliba and Gabriel and Luiz !! Laca and Torriera and Guendouzi are the ones that need to go and they would generate alot of funds for our quest to sign Partey !! I would sign Partey and Diawara of Roma with the money generated in these sales !! 72 million and we can get both !! and then we would have the best midfield in the league !! Wenger did the same when he came into Arsenal he brought two central defensive minded players in Petit and Viera !! Arteta should do the same and forget about Auoar !!


  2. OKOH UCHE Richie

    Get Thomas Partey in Housem Aouar…The former as a shield to our defence while the latter as a creative midfielder. Get a back up for Auba upfront incest of tiredness/injury. Sell Lacazette..He is not a 90 minute player. Sell Ghendouzi (keeps over dancing with the ball, Kolasinac (Got strength but no football brain with regressive passes), Bellerin (not a good passer in the final 3rd and not a good crosser of the ball) , Sokratis (the Greek wrestler) Holding (not same player after injury) Torreira (His mind is in Italy and not same player after injury).Keep Mustafi for his aggressiveness and aerial duel incase of injury to David Luis ) Let Ozil rot since he refuse to leave cos of the weekly wage he is receiving. With these, I am optimistic we ‘ll qualify for Champions League and even win the PL if we start fighting from day one against Fulham.


  3. Ken

    Looks good but not pretty good.we need one more striker as a fact because Aub is aging and we can’t rely on lacazzete.Luiz is aging too so rock Holding has to remain .xhaka can not be trusted in mid so chambers can rescue there.Bellerine has been positioned well by Artetas new style of the game so he remains.Hope due to physical nature torreira will will go unless he is tried No 10 position.Time is up for soktaris he has to go.other young players like Willock,Reis should be loaned to gain needed experience .Mustafa has started believing in himself so should given chance.Niles is amulti purpose player and should not be touched . Partey is the piece we lack in the midfield so should be signed immediately but I wish we could also sign saha



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