The Arsenal are back – but no trip to Fulham

New season starts as today.

I should already be in the cafe. Full English and an extra portion of chips. Coffee. Toast.

Then it would be off to Putney Bridge. Meet in the Temprance. Few beers, before leave at noon for the walk through Bishops Park down to Craven Cottage.

Post game, off to Putney to The Coat and Bridge, before getting back home tonight, ordering a kebab and passing out.

Whilst I am buzzing for the season to restart, to continue the journey with Mikel Arteta, it will be tough not going games.

Have done home and away for many years, every away trip has a story, a pub, a memory. Those will be flashing before my eyes every away game this season as it is unlikely there will be travelling fans at grounds.

So instead of sitting in a cafe right now, I’m in the garden with a cup of coffee waiting for the washing machine to finish. I’ll turn my TV over at 12.15 and watch the game with a sandwich. No beer. At half time I’ll probably empty the dishwasher.

The glamorous life of a non-match going fan.

No new signings yesterday. No Aubameyang contract announcement. With Gabriel unlikely to start, that means we will go into today’s game with the same team as last year plus Willian.

The big difference is the man in the dig out.

Mikel Arteta. Back him.

If you’re joining the walk and talk for men’s health. Have a good day.

Enjoy the game today.



1 thought on “The Arsenal are back – but no trip to Fulham

  1. ClockEndRider

    Didn’t know about the walk so all the best for the people taking part. Enjoy the walk in the sun.
    Now, come on you Gunners……



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