Arsenal look for history to repeat itself

Morning all.

An early one from me today. For some reason I am wide awake at 6:30am. Must be getting old.

Yesterday I went round a few old haunts in London, The Marylebone, Lamb and Flag, White Horse and the Old Coffeehouse.

The frustration on staffs faces as they had to turn customers away because there was “no room” despite the pubs being half empty was palpable.

If we do not reopen pubs properly soon, we are going to lose them.

Watched the Brighton v Man U game in the Lamb and Flag. Not sure why the awarding of Man U’s penalty was “controversial”.

It was a blatant handball and whilst the referee might have blown the final whistle, the rules have for a long time allowed for assistant referees (and now VAR) to indicate an offence after the whistle. The referee can still take action as long as they have not left the field of play.

Those players, fans and media complaining just highlights how few actually know the rules of football.

Chelsea produced an epic comeback to draw 3-3 with WBA, the nature of which poets of the cracks that they drew at WBA conceding 3.

There is no point them spending all that money on attacking players, and then signing a washed up Thiago Silva to solve their defensive issues.

Like Arsenal, Chelsea conceded too many last season. Thiago Silva has been on the decline for some time in France and is certainly not the player he was.

Just because he is rated 85 on FIFA, does not mean he is still a good player.

His singing reminds me of when Man U signed Laurent Blanc many years ago.

Used to be a great centre back. Clearly past his best. Will cost them games.

And onto Arsenal.

Arsenal face Liverpool twice in a week at Anfield.

It is the first time Liverpool have played the same side twice in a four days at Anfield since January 2007.

Liverpool lost those games 3-1 and 6-3 to, ironically, Arsenal. They were knocked out of the FA Cup and League Cup in the process.

Mikel Arteta has already faced Liverpool twice in his short reign as Arsenal manager – winning 2-1 in the league back in July and more recently winning the Charity Shield against them.

Can he make it 3 wins from 3? And then 4 wins from 4? Why not. History does repeat itself.

We beat Spurs yesterday in the Women’s FA Cup.

A victory over that lot is always enjoyable regardless of whether it is first team, youth team or the ladies. I read that makes it 22-0 to Arsenal in the games we have played against the team formally known as Broxbourne Ladies.

Whilst Arsenal have a long and rich history of supporting the women’s game, Tottenham do not.

Spurs have only recently made the “Tottenham ladies” an official part of the club and only turned professional 2 years ago.

The lack of support of Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester United and disappointing. And the lack of cricket even more so.

The fact Man City and Chelsea get criticised more for investing in the women’s game sums up the media agenda.

The teams they love fail to get criticised for turning a back on the women’s game whilst teams that actively invest are heavily criticised .

Not much transfer news about this morning. But that’s because it is still early and the twitter ITKs are still in bed waiting for mummy to wake them up.

Enjoy your Sinday


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