Vardy shows why Arsenal were right to award “ageing” Aubameyang a new deal

Liverpool tonight.

The game has been bought forward 15 minutes in line with Boris Johnson’s curfew. Although with the way VAR and added time has been this season, it wouldn’t be a surprise for The game to go beyond the 22nd hour of the day.

The Premier League game is the 1st of two trips to Anfield in 4 days for The Arsenal.

We faced Liverpool twice in 4 days back in January 2007.

Arsenal won those games 3-1 and 6-3 as we knocked Liverpool out of the FA Cup and League Cup in the process.

Mikel Arteta has already faced Liverpool twice in his short reign as Arsenal manager – winning 2-1 in the league back in July and more recently winning the Charity Shield against them.

Can he make it 3 wins from 3? And then 4 wins from 4? Why not. History does repeat itself.

A hat trick for Jamie Vardy yesterday in Leicester City’s victory over Spurs.

I remember in 2016 when Arsenal were close to signing Jamie Vardy. Many fans criticised the club for targeting him.

The deal fell through and we ended up with Lucas Perez.

77 goals in 144 games since 2016.

Although had we signed him, we might not have also signed Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang.

Vardy is 33-years old and doesn’t look like slowing down as a goal scorer.

He is two and a half years older than Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

He shows that “players decline at 30” is just a myth.

Also in yesterday’s game we saw Newcastle grab a late equaliser from the penalty spot following another VAR awarded hand ball.

The officials got the decision spot on. The opponents were Tottenham.

On yesterday’s Andrew Marr show, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Oliver Dowden said that the Government will be looking to the Premier League to financially assist those clubs lower down in the football leave structure.

This is such a naive take.

It is easy to sit there and think that the Premier League is awash with money and could easily prop up the rest of football.

The reality is that well run clubs like Arsenal could lose over £100m this season if fans do not return to football.

They simply do not have the money to prop up clubs lower down the division when they are struggling financially themselves.

The Premier League and players have been as easy target during the pandemic.

Played and clubs have been called out publicly numerous times to “do more” whilst what they have actually done has been widely ignored in the media.

It is “headline grabbing” and deflection by the Government to target the Premier League.

At any point have they called on major supermarket chains to help out smaller, local shops in a community? Tesco has a revenue of £52bn. Sainsbury £29bn. The combined revenue of Premier League clubs in 2017/18 was £5.8bn.

Telling Premier League clubs that they “shouldn’t buy a new striker” and should instead financially support the lower leagues is simply a ludicrous idea.

The only way the Premier League can support those teams lower down the structure is by allowing fans into stadiums.

That will boost the finances of Premier League clubs and give them the money to redistribute down the leagues.

Without fans, the Premier League cannot afford to prop up the rest of football.

And the Premier League is quickly learning that without match day fans, football is nothing.



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