She Wore in the USA

Morning all.

You know it has been a quiet weekend of Arsenal news when yesterday’s blog was top of the most read on News Now and one of our most read blogs of the year.

The blog was written as I awoke and just contained a few snippets of Arsene Wenger’s book. The lack of news elsewhere following the end of the transfer window and the international break meant that there was very little to read Arsenal related.

There are a lot of quotes from Wenger’s book floating around Twitter at the moment.

It is getting to a point where I will not need to ask Santa for the book as I would have read it all in 280 character snippets.

Wenger’s publishers are genius.

By picking the week after the transfer window shut, when there is an international break on, to do all the media stuff that goes with releasing a book has meant that it is the most newsworthy thing out there. There is literally nothing else to talk about at the moment.

In the wider football world, we have the proposed “radical reform to the Premier League“. This is nothing to really worry about.

At every Premier League shareholders meetings, clubs get to present their ideas on how to improve and progress the league. This month it was Liverpool’s turn.

A lot of these ideas end up real “out of the box thinking” and are unworkable in reality.

Any major change will require the usual 14 teams to agree too.

Proposed changes such as cutting the teams in the league, scrapping parachute payments and giving nine clubs “special” voting rights will simply not get the support.

Why would teams vote to increase the chance of relegation? Or reduce the money they get from the Premier League if relegated? Even the likes of West Ham and Southampton, who were included as a club to gain “special” voting rights would not support these changes.

Last season West ham finished 16th.

Under proposal that would have put them into a relegation / promotion play off with 3rd – 5th in the Championship.

Southampton finished 16th and 17th in 2018/19 & 2017/18. That 17th place would have seen them relegated.

It would be asking turkey’s to vote for Christmas.

Like with a lot of news in the last week, this became huge headline grabbing due to the lack of real news out there.

A final bit of news.

We are delighted to announce that we are opening a dedicated USA She Wore Shop –

She Wore USA

Due to Covid19, items from our shop to the States have been taking over 4 weeks to be delivered and shipping costs to the USA has doubled.

The dedicated American store will see items shipped from the USA, which will reduce delivery time and costs. We are also looking to manufacture as many of the goods available as possible in the USA.

Our full range of merchandise is not currently available on the USA store, so if you can not find what you want, please visit the regular shop –

A quick thank you to everyone who has supported out shop over the years,

Quicker shipping. Quicker arrivals. Cheaper prices.

Have a good Monday.



1 thought on “She Wore in the USA

  1. Mr X

    The proposals are clearly thought up by the American owners wanting to make the PL more like the American leagues. Its clearly just as they want to stop their “assets” (players) getting damaged by playing cup games, give themselves all the power (though it would benefit Arsenal, it would be wrong for us to support it if we support fair and open competition in the PL). Abolishing parachute payments is clearly to stop any upstart clubs from doing a Leicester. These proposals will get laughed out the meeting as the 7 weakest clubs will ensure it never passes.



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