Arteta’s big game gameplan doesn’t pay off – this time

The fall out from Arsenal losing 1-0 to Manchester City was surprising.

The amount of criticism and negativity I read after the game was over the top.

Mikel Arteta’s game plan in the games against tough sides is clear. The aim is to stay in the game, defend well, and take your chances when they come.

It is the same game plan that saw us beat Manchester United & Liverpool in the league last season. That saw us knock out Manchester City in the FA Cup and beat Chelsea in the final. Beat Liverpool in the Community Shield and draw with Chelsea in the league.

In the 12 games Arteta has faced the “Big 6”, his record reads:

Saturday we played to the same game plan that saw us win some big games under Arteta. At 1-0 down we stayed in the game. We just failed to take our chances when they came up, with Aubameyang missing a big one in the second half.

It was similar to the Liverpool defeat, when 2-1 down Lacazette missed 2 great chances to nab an equaliser.

Some might see “staying in the game” as negative football, but it is not.

There is not point lining up to play positive and being 3-nil down after 20 minutes. Not every team collapses like Tottenham.

How often have we been away to Chelsea, Liverpool or Man City in recent years and the game has been over in the first half? The answer is “too often”.

At least if you are within a goal as the clock clicks over to 70 minutes, it gives you a chance to have a go in that last 20.

Remember the limbs at Chelsea away in January? That would have been impossible if we were 2 or 3 goals down.

Instead we were losing 2-1 and got it back to 2-2 in the closing minutes.

We have to understand where we are at the moment.

Arsenal are challenging for the top 4, not the title.

For now Arteta is right lining us up to “not lose” away to top sides. As the team progresses, and the defence continues to improve, we can start travelling to these sides thinking we are in the chance of winning again.

Some might see this viewpoint as negative, but it is realistic.

Arsenal fans (in the minority) are moaning about Arteta’s defensive football. But this change in style was needed.

In the last 3 season, we have conceded on average 50 goals in the league. That is more than one a game.

That meant Arsenal needed to score at least 2, often 3 goals just to win the game by 1 goal. You are not going to finish top 4 needing to score 2 or 3 goals a game every game.

By working on the defence, it means that when we do score 2 or 3 goals, we are winning 2-0 or 3-1/ Not drawing 2-2.

Adding the likes of Thomas Partey and Gabriel to the squad will improve us defensively.

Once Arteta trusts the defence to play a back 4 rather than back 5, and Partey adds solidity to the middle of the park, we will become more attacking.

The transition from 343 to 433 will make us more attacking and give the side more balance.

Ultimately, you can take losing to Manchester City 1-0 if next weekend we go and beat Leicester City.

There is not point going to a top 6 side and putting 6 past them if you then do not win your next game at home.

We are 5th in the league after 5 games having travelled to both Manchester City and Liverpool.

Our next 6 games are at home to Leicester, Aston Villa and Wolves, and away trips to Leeds, Manchester United and Tottenham.

The simple equation is to win the 3 home games, beat Leeds and set ourselves out not to lose against Manchester United or Tottenham.

A draw and a defeat for those two tough away games will see us on course for 76 points. Taking into account we would have played 4 of our 5 hardest away trips in the opening 11 games, a realistic target could be 80 points. That will be more than enough for top 4.

Arteta has a game plan. He knows what he is doing. He has already won some big games in his short time as manager.

Losing a game is always tough to take. But we have to understand the process. We have to trust the process.



3 thoughts on “Arteta’s big game gameplan doesn’t pay off – this time

  1. brett

    l sort of agree but we hardly went for it in the last 20mins did we?
    and simply winning the 3 home games??!! we struggle to create any chances even at home, l really feel for auba as he is living off breadcrumbs at the moment.


  2. Johnno

    Really good post this one, I left a similar message on some doom & gloom site yesterday. Our fanbase has become totally deluded and they have very short fucking memories as well. People quickly forget the absolute shambles Arteta inherited, in years gone by we`d have conceded early, chased the game for 20 minutes and then got picked off. We`d then have folded and been hit for 5 or 6 and the very same fans who are now moaning about being boring would be moaning about how tactically naive we are and how we never learn lessons. As you say, this is a process and we`re just at the start of it. All the top managers build from the back and try to put in place a solid foundation. Arteta`s start to life in management has filled me with confidence to be honest and I`m quietly confident about nicking one of the two CL spots that are up for grabs.
    Totally agree with you that Leicester at home is a bigger game for us than Man City away, that`s something that we are just going to have to get used to over the next 18 months or so. As for the next 6 games, I think your being optimistic looking for 13 points, I`ll be well pleased with 10. Two wins and 4 draws would do me very nicely, anything else will be a bonus. This season is all about chipping away and trying to finish top 4. By the end of this little run of games we`ll have gotten rid of some nasty fixtures and we`ll still be well in touch. Agree about switching to a back four, just wondering whether he`ll do it before the visit to Old Trafford or wait until after. The next two games might be a good time to change it up.



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