18 months away but nothing has changed

It was like we had never been away.

I sat at the table, put me beer down and after the plesentaries got straight back into it.

The arguments, the disagreements, no one actually listening to each other. And I love it.

The discussions were about Joe Willock. About whether he should have got another year at ours. Half of those round the table screaming he deserves a shot; the other half saying he has had his chance and is a fringe squad player.

A good point made by myself that he is in a similar position to Ainsley Maitland-Niles 12 months ago and we made a mistake not cashing in on him when Wolves came calling with £25m. It was ignored.

A counter point made that it could be another Emi Martinez, that he could go and become one of the best in the league.

I ignored the point and responded with “if Martinez is one of the best in the league why is he still at Aston Villa”.

We had seen each other on and off over the last 18 months – a get together for the FA Cup final, the Super League protest, a couple of the lads escaped to Portugal back end of last year for a few days. But this was the first time we have been in a pub together ahead of going to a game.

And the train journey from Waterloo to Richmond was no different.

Raised voices, dirty looks from commuters, beers being drunk and spilt. It has been missed.

Regardless of the result Friday. It was just good to be back.

Can’t wait for Chelsea now.



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