Alexis Sanchez warning for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

£22,000 per minute.

That is what Alexis Sanchez’s loan deal has cost Inter so far this season.

The Chilean winger is on an enormous £400,000 per week at Old Trafford and Inter are set to pay over £4million over the year long move.

Considering the 31-year-old has only played 186 minutes this season, it has cost the Italian club a staggering £22,000 per minute.

United have had to cover the rest of Sanchez’s wages, meaning they will have spent over £5m on a player that hasn’t played for them this season.

Sanchez’s demise highlights the dangers of giving a huge contract to an ageing player whose best days are coming to an end.

In January 2018, Manchester United thought they had signed a man who would turn them into champions once more, in the same way Robin van Persie scored the goals to drive them to the title following a transfer for Arsenal.

His 18 months in the North-West saw him score just 3 league goals.

The loan deal to Inter Milan was supposed to revitalise his career. Following injury and poor form, Guiseppe Marotta, the chief executive of Inter, does not want to pay the £17.5million it would cost to snap him up on a permanent deal.

It is a warning for Arsenal who are in contract discussion with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Reports at the weekend are that Aubameyang is holding out for a £300,000 a week, a figure that Arsenal are reluctant to match – and seeing the Sanchez situation you can understand why.

Tying up £15.6m a year in a single player a a huge investment that can effect the clubs ability to invest in other players.

Aubameyang turns 31-years-old in the summer and Arsenal will be worried that offering him what he wants could lead to another Mesut Ozil situation.

Ozil has clearly gone downhill since his big contract, and it is a noose around the clubs neck. Arsenal would not want the same to happen to Aubameyang.

There is differences, however, between Aubameyang and Sanchez.

Aubameyang is with Arsenal. The coaches will be watching him day in, day out. They will know his current physical attributes. If he is still putting out the same numbers as he was since he 1st joined. They will know if he is beginning to decline.

It was with similar knowledge that led to Arsenal letting Sanchez go to Manchester United. They would have known he was on the decline. That his explosiveness had gone. His top speed had was not as quick. That his acceleration a little slower.

Armed with all the knowledge on a player, built up over time, Arsenal are able to make a judgement on the player. The difference for Manchester United and Inter Milan is they would not have 2 years of data on the player.

Aubameyang is showing no signs of slowing down – showing that age is nothing but a number. Players do not suddenly his 30 and begin to decline.

Some keep going for years after entering their 3rd decade. Others, like Michael Owen and Fernando Torres, are shot in their late 20s.

Offering Aubameyang a new deal has to still be Arsenal’s preferred option. But they have to protect themselves in the deal.

If Aubameyang wants £300,000 a week, and Arsenal think he is worth that much, the club should try and agree a 2 + 1 deal.

Sanchez’s demise is a warning to clubs offering big contracts to senior players who are reaching the end of their peak.


11 thoughts on “Alexis Sanchez warning for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

  1. D

    Think Auba is a different story. Has been the highest scorer in our team for every season he’s been here. To not tie him down would be the crazy thing


  2. Longa Kennedy michael

    Please just give him the contract he is a good player at ARSENAL club no need to led him go ,see what he is capable of doing at arsenal these man needs good midfielder to support him at the front if you led him go it’s going to be a hard time to arsenal I personally need him at the club.


  3. Ali Hassan Maalim

    Actually deserves the contract and the eye watering weekly wages asked by Aubu and Arsenal to the him fresh contracts and then invest in key areas like defense and not field to be chamipons and must let players to be accountabe for any signs of poor performance. If an Arsenal player is not working hard individually and also as a team then he should not be given a single minute to player and forced exit that should be the ultimatum. Otherwise tie Aubu the 300′ 000 per week.


    1. Oluwafemi

      It will be mouthwatering to allow not even just your best player but one of the top 5 player in the league for the past two seasons to go just like that. Am not mistaken when I said top 5 player because when you consider his fitness level, it’s top notch, when you consider his goal scoring form which is not affected by his work rate and of course the level of players he’s playing with compare to other top teams in the league, then you will know better what am saying. I fink if truly you wanted to build a strong team for the future then you’ve to keep the best in the present because the future itself start now.


  4. Dunder

    Four years back and we gave Ozil 350 and now have a problem with 300 for someone who will obviously perform for years to come. But that is not the worse, the worse is reports that he can go for 30 mil and the club is quite. Even Ferguson could not believe the bargain Van Persie was and now we want to repeat it. Last year Hazard went for 100mil with a year left. What’s the difference? I would say he should only go for at least 50 mil. With the uncertainty of player value due to Corona, I would say Arsenal should go for only swap deals first and see what happens in the market. And Laca – Partey swap should be a win-win-win situation. Auba could be swapped for Jovich or Ceballos and Reguilon.



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