Top 10 Arsenal blogs of 2021

The last day of the year.

Thank you to everyone that has read my ramblings, RT’d them or shared them in 2021.

I do not write for money. This is not my job and I have no interest in it ever becoming that – as soon as you start earning from your content you begin thinking about “what makes me the most money” rather than just sharing an honest view point.

We have had over 280 blogs this year. I do try and write every days but life often gets in the way. And if I have nothing interesting to say I would rather say nothing than try and force it.

This year we passed through 6 million views on the blog and are well on the way to 7 million. Taking into account we now live in a video world and written media is on the declince, that is fantastic. Especially when we avoid the click bait headlines that others use.

So what have been our top 10 blogs of 2021?

  1. Rob Holding departure a “good deal for all parties”
  2. Arsenal did not “lose the race” to sign Buendia
  3. Arsenal v Wolves should go ahead (or a 3-0 win awarded to The Arsenal due to Wolves decision to have a small squad)
  4. AFTV caught lying about Arsenal away fans again
  5. Brentford Community Stadium: No Beer, No Atmosphere – Ground Review
  6. Arsenal Fans Unite Against Media
  7. Ben White to cost Arsenal less than Raphael Varane and why transfer fees do not matter
  8. Ben White to miss start of the season as Arsenal’s preparations ramp up
  9. Kalvin Phillips England role gives Arsenal fans a glimpse of the future
  10. Fenerbache behaviour shows Mesut Ozil has always been the problem

Thank you again for all those who have supported us this year. Have a few beers tonight and enjoy your evening! Remember, it is up early tomorrow for Manchester City.



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