Two lined up to replace Gabriel Jesus

Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Martinelli.

If anyone thinks we are about to go out into the transfer market to buy a short term replacement for Gabriel Jesus, then they clearly don’t understand the changes Edu and his team have made at the club.

Gone are the days where we sign someone like a Lucas Perez because we are desperate. Gone are the days we loan in a Denis Suarez or Kim Kallstrom in the hope they will settle and do a job for the club in the short term.

The club will no longer waste money on short term solutions, or on players that the scouts do not believe have a long term future.8

The pursuit of Dusan Vlahovic last January shows how much we have changed.

When Juventus beat us to the signature of the Serbian, we did not panic. We kept our powder dry and secured our primary target the next summer – Gabriel Jesus.

Some might blame our lack of striker signing in January as the reason we failed to hit top 4.

Last season the target was always top 6. Failing to strengthen in January did not result in us missing that target.

And by not buying, it ensured we had the finances to complete the best transfer window for some time. And as a result we are top of the league.

If the right player is available in January, we will move for them. But they have to be the right player.

Someone that we were already looking at. Someone who we were considering making a move for in January. If that target does not exist, then we will not waste money on someone who we do not really want.

And the reality is, that target probably does not exist.

Top striker, performing week in week out for his team, will not make a move in January.

That leaves you targeting 2nd tier players, or those whose clubs want rid.

Ivan Toney is a name I see banded about a lot, but he is facing a 6-month ban for his gambling. The Portuguese lad that scored a hat trick the other day, no one had heard of him 7-days ago. And Dominic Calvert-Lewin is more likely to find himself alongside Jesus in the medical room rather than scoring goals in front of the North Bank.

In Martinelli and Nketiah, the club has two good options.

Eddie is hungry and chomping at the but to show he belongs.

As for Martinelli, he is a generational talent and already proved he can play down the middle. 10 goals in his debut Arsenal season as a striker.

The list of potential strikers is short, but the list of new wingers is long.

A wide forward was always our primary target this winter. We will continue that pursuit which will enable Martinelli to be used upfront.

Eddie and Gabi. The two men ready to replace Jesus.

Back the boys!



11 thoughts on “Two lined up to replace Gabriel Jesus

  1. Silentstan

    The target was certainly NOT top 6. The club publicly stated top 4. Making facts fit your thinking. Not making a signing WAS the reason for our fall away. The squad was too small


    1. Johnno

      You`re talking bollocks. All the noises out the club was that European football was the target last season. I remember Josh Kroenke – March time – saying that Champions League wasn`t something we`d expected that season but would be a nice bonus and would put us a year or two ahead of schedule.


    2. Jimmy B

      @Silentstan, complete and utter bollocks. It was always sixth. Fairly confident you’re an outer and thus heaping the pressure on to make last year a failure. It wasn’t. It was effectively the team’s first season together, they did OK.


    3. Mike

      You lost your readers with “if anyone thinks” blah blah snobbery, last season we wasnt fighting for the league and the days arnt gone of short term deals, what about Odegard?


  2. Peter burgess

    To me the obvious player is South of the river. Proven premier goal scorer can play all along the front line so when jesus is fit would give us cover and would still be a valued squad player.also is an arsenal fan. 6 months left on his contract so would not cost a fortune. Could even add a clause if we got top 4 a bonus to Palace. Yes. Will Zaha.


    1. Johnno

      Really like Zaha, think he`s top notch. We made a big mistake not going the extra yard and getting that deal over the line under Emery. Instead of a boyhood Gooner with proven premier league quality we ended up with a geezer with the heart of a lamb.
      That being said, he`s 30 now and I don`t think he fits the age profile of player we`re looking at these days. That`s a demanding position he plays in as well, Arteta expects his wide men to work their bollocks off out of possession and I`m not sure a 30 year old Zaha will offer that type of intensity.
      I think we`re better off just going for our primary target, someone who`ll be here in 5 or 6 years time and who we`ll cop a few quid for if we sell them on.


  3. mukwaya micheal

    hope edu plans are good for arsenal but if arsenal starts losing because of failing to do right edu should be dismissed of his reclessness immediately


  4. Emos Ola

    I thought Arsenal were really ready to challenge for the EPL title this season until I read this.
    Does that mean we are already making excuses for the 4th position at the end of the season?
    What a shame!
    If you think Liverpool and Man-U will be this cheap next season then wait and see.
    If we don’t win this league after such an opportunity presented to us this year then forget the next 5 years.😪



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