Martinelli / Trossard axis could be devastating

Like many, I was sceptical at the signing of Leandro Trossard.

I viewed him as a fairly average player who was trying to force through a big moves based on a single decent spell. I was not impressed with his behaviour post-World Cup.

But he has shown in the two games since joining just how key a signing he could be.

One of our issues this season has been a lack of attacking options on the bench. If Gabriel Jesus, Bukayo Saka or Gabriel Martinelli were not quite doing it, the only option was Eddie Nketiah.

This meant that Martinelli and Saka would play the full 90 minutes. Even when struggling to break opponents down.

Against Manchester’s United and City, we saw just how dangerous a “fresh pair of legs” can be.

Martinelli started the Manchester United game. His Duracell bunny running drains a full back.

After 65 minutes of facing Martinelli, he was switched out for Trossard. And the new signing was integral in helping to set up our winning goal.

Trossard started in the defeat to Man City and gave young Rico Lewis a torrid time. And on the 66th minute he was taken off for Martinelli.

1-nil down, the substitution rejuvenated us. Martinelli became the biggest threat on the pitch, putting 90 minutes of hard running into a 30 minute cameo.

Whilst against City, the sub failed to lead to a goal, you can see in the future that it is going to have a huge impact.

Martinelli or Trossard will now know that they only need to pace their effort of 65 minutes. And then with half an hour to go, a tired full back is going to face a new electric threat.

There is a lot to be excited about over The Arsenal right now.



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