Is 10 seconds of greatness enough for a new Nelson deal?

It is very easy post a great moment to get a little caught up in the emotions of it all. And that is what has happened with Reiss Nelson.

Plenty of discussions over the last 24 or so hours involve him getting a new deal – with his current one set to expire in the summer.

Saturday was a great moment for the Hale End graduate. It will probably be the greatest moment of his career. But it is not enough to secure him a new deal.

The first point I will make is “were you calling for him to get a new deal before Saturday?”. I would imagine that most of those who answer “yes” are lying.

Nelson had played just 85 minutes of Premier League football this season. Just 4% of the available Premier League minutes.

He has suffered a few injuries this season, but that should also be something which counts against him rather than is used for his defence.

But even when fit, Mikel Arteta has not called on him.

11 times Nelson has been in the match day squad, he has made just 3 appearances.

One of those was a single time wasting minute against Wolves, another when Bukayo Saka hobbled off injured after 27 minutes.

The third was Saturday where it took no Gabriel Jesus and Eddie Nketiah, an injury to Leandro Trossard, and Emile Smith Rowe running out of steam for him to eventually get on.

Arteta clearly doesn’t fancy him. Saka has been flogged to death again this season, playing every game and almost every minute.

85 minutes this season, 19 last, 70 the season before.

And before some of you jump up and start saying “that shows Arteta can’t recognise young talent”, the 3 men picked ahead of him are Saka, Martinelli and Smith Rowe. All younger.

A good 20 minutes and amazing final 10 seconds does not change that he has contributed nothing in the last 3 years.

And this is not me attacking the young man. It is mean sharing my thoughts with clarity, rather than getting caught up in the hype.

I said on Saturday after the game that this was a “Fedrico Macheda moment”. If you don’t know what that means, Google it.

Were Nelson to sign and and stay, we are probably talking about £60k a week on a 5-year-deal. It would also mean us not signing a new right winger.

So let’s ask a final questions; would you rather:

1. Arsenal sign a new right winger or

2. Arsenal spend £15m on keeping Nelson?

I know what my answer will be.



8 thoughts on “Is 10 seconds of greatness enough for a new Nelson deal?

    1. Anthony Ikpo

      It will be an Abraham moment if we don’t extend Nelson’s contract.
      For those who don’t understand, Chelsea sold Abraham to Roma because they didn’t believe he contributed enough. He made an immediate impact and today, they are willing to spend upwards of €80million to resign him.
      Nelson is a talented player who has been unlucky with injuries. More unfortunately, he plays for a manager who sticks to a winning formula no matter what. He obviously hasn’t contributed much, because he hasn’t had the opportunity to contribute much. This definitely doesn’t make him a poor player. He is young, he is home grown and he is talented.
      I will take him over any winger in the market today.


  1. Ukaz George

    The truth is Reiss Nelson supposed to have given contract extension before now if you look him very keenly you will know he is a very good player is not ten minutes he has done it right from his academy time in our match with Northenham forest when they Northenham try to prove stubborn Nelson came in and unlock the stubbornness with two goals and assist in our match against Bournemouth he came had an assist and score as well it is something of an aura if Arteta had featured Nelson I believe he would have done more for now no will convince me that Nelson is under performing be he os not featuring so he can’t do anything outside the pitch had Arteta not featured on Saturday he will still be outside no one will know he can produce such wonderful moment he deserve a new contract and also featuring had we played that match draw the confidence Arsenal have will be little for the little time Nelson featured he has 3 goals and 3 assist and man of the match on 2 occasion think if he is featured regularly he will contribute more


  2. Apangu Iddi Amin

    We dont need to talk about 10 second thing, He made it against notting ghum where were you if u talk of 10 second or minute? these are our academy graguates let them be given enough time to show case unless if its the player who opts to leave then its ok other wise every one knows that injury costed him alot.


  3. jw1

    Arsenal aren’t making that offer to Reiss today. Which means there is a window of opportunity, for both Reiss and Mikel these next few weeks, to show a new deal is or isn’t worthwhile.

    Nelson has produced– both times he’s been on the pitch for more than a minute this season.

    As for Arteta and his PL squad choices? Can’t see where we need to have both Holding and Kiwior on the bench when we have Tomiyasu who can play either of their roles in a pinch.

    We’ll know better this time next month.


  4. Johnno

    Not sure we’re talking about 60k a week but even if we were, is that such a bad deal for the club?
    In today’s market, lesser players than Nelson go for 12 -15 million easily. When he was a young kid, I questioned his attitude a few times but based on the limited opportunities he’s had this season, I’d say a potential 15 million pound investment might be good value for the club.
    Up The Arse.


  5. Hung Lee

    I remember your opinion on Emilio Martinez, he never really got the chance when on loan probably due the crap defenders around him. Martinez has proven to be an outstanding goalkeeper; Reiss Nelson played in the Europa League under Emery, he was a rough diamond and under Arteta’s coaching Nelson can be a polished diamond.



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