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Will the social media boycott actually change anything?

Everyone have a good long weekend?

Without being able to go to the football it did drag on. Although no football meant no hangover and I ended up relaying the turf in my garden.

It is incredible what you can get done in your house when you do no lose 2 days at the game and then recovering the next day.

I am itching to get back though, allow my voice to be heard in the ground.

It will be interesting to see what happens when fans are back in the ground, especially with the protests against the Super League and owners.

In the past when there have been protests in a ground, Sky Sports have “turned down the pitch side microphones” so that they can not be heard on the TV. Will they repeat the trick? Muting the fans in the ground. Or will they allow the discontent at the top clubs be broadcast around the world.

The social media ”boycott” is now over.

It was interesting to see how people treated it differently.

At She Wore, we decided to not participate.

Our view was that it would have little to no impact. The clubs themselves should do more by instantly blocking abusers. Denying them access.

One thing Sky Sports introduced which was very productive was creating an “internal block list”.

You abuse one Sky Sport journalist, your name gets added and all other Sky employees will block you, as will the Sky official channels.

Clubs could do this in an instant.

You put homophobic or racist abuse under a tweet, your @ goes on the block list and not only will you be blocked by Arsenal and everyone to do with the club, but other clubs as well.

Yes, I understand people create “burner accounts” to abuse, but it will soon get tiresome if they tweet once, get blocked. Only so many times you can have the energy to set up a new Gmail and then new Twitter account.

What was interesting was that over the weekend Twitter actually seemed a cleaner place. My Timeline was filled with people having interesting discussions on all topics – from Arsenal to what happened at Old Trafford and Line of Duty.

My feeling is there was a lot of people involved in the social media boycott who sit their creating inflammatory posts every day to try and rile fans up. They are attention seekers and these sort of people were part of the problem.

It was interesting to see how some of these attention seekers interpreted the boycott.

Many announced they would be boycotting, but would continue to be posting to their YouTube channels. Channels built on abuse.

They also left the automation from YouTube to Twitter turned on, so their Twitter accounts were still tweeting.

Instead of boycotting, maybe these channels should look at their own behaviour and the behaviour of its stars? Stop broadcasting the abuse. Although this will make them less money.

It was also interesting to see how long people could last without the attention they crave.

Some boycotters were already back Tweeting Sunday and Monday. Showing that they crave attention on social media.

Get out your house, lay your lawn. Social media attention is fake, empty, will not fill that hole that is missing in your life.

It will be interesting to see if the boycott changes anything? Or if on Thursday when Granit Xhaka gives away a penalty the abuse begins again.

Thierry Henry came out of the weekend to discuss the Daniel Ek “bid”.

The most interesting line of the interview was:

“He [Ek] already said he collected the funds so he can make sure he can make a good bid. Now obviously they need to listen and see what they can do”.

This raises 3 points for me:

1) Ek is claiming to have raised the fans for a “good bid”. That does not mean that he has raised enough for the Kroenke’s to sell.

2) How has Ek raised the funds? He does not have the money himself to buy the club. Is it a consortium? If so who is involved? Is it loans? What are these loans to be leveraged against?

3) And when Henry says “now obviously they need to listen and see what they can do” it shows a lack of business acumen from Henry. The Kroenke’s do not need to listen to any bid.

I am sure this one will roll on for months, or years. Just like Alisher Usmanov’s open letters and Aliko Dangote’s interviews.

Ek is not the first billionaire to announce he wants to be Arsenal. He will not be the last.

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Match Report: Newcastle 0 – 2 Arsenal

Newcastle United (0) 0 Arsenal (1) 2

Premier League

St. James’ Park, Barrack Road, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4ST

Sunday, 2nd May 2021. Kick-off time: 2.00pm

(4-2-3-1) Mat Ryan; Hector Bellerin, David Luiz, Gabriel Magalhães, Granit Xhaka; Mohamed Elneny, Dani Ceballos; Willian Borges da Silva, Martin Ødegaard, Gabriel Martinelli; Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Substitutes: Bernd Leno, Bukayo Saka, Cédric Soares, Thomas Partey, Nicolas Pépé, Calum Chambers, Pablo Marí, Eddie Nketiah, Emile Smith-Rowe.

Scorers: Mohamed Elneny (5 mins), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (66 mins)

Yellow Cards: Granit Xhaka

Arsenal Possession Percentage: 62%

Referee: Mike Dean

Assistant Referees: Ian Hussin, Dan Robathan

Fourth Official: Andy Madley

VAR Team at Stockley Park: VAR Graham Scott; AVAR Peter Kirkup

Attendance: A maximum of 300 attendees due to UK government coronavirus restrictions

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is playing today, as he continues his comeback from malaria, and Alexandre Lacazette (hamstring injury) and Kieran Tierney (knee injury) are both back in training, but today’s match could come too early for these two to play a part in it somehow. David Luiz has recovered from his own knee injury and will also feature in this match with manager Mikel Arteta likely to have an eye on the second leg of the Europa League semi-final against Villarreal on Thursday. Let’s go!

The match started with us in dominant mood, eager to make an early impression, and sure enough, within five mintues of the start, Hector Bellerin took the ball to the by-line, crossed it with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang in mind; he missed it completely, but fortunately Mohamed Elneny picked the ball up on the edge of the Newcastle United penalty area, and he cracked it into the net for the opening goal of the day. A few minutes’ later we almost nabbed a second goal, when Dani Ceballos slotted the ball to Hector Bellerin on the edge of the Magpies’ penalty area, but his strong right-footed shot flew over the bar. Although the home side came back at us with chances by Federico Fernández and Allan Saint-Maximin, we never felt truly threatened; in fact Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s shot from close range which went narrowly wide of the mark, was far closer than anything Newcastle United threw at us in the first twenty minutes of the game. Unfortunately, Granit Xhaka was booked for a silly tackle, and yet it never fazed him at all, as on the half hour mark, Martin Ødegaard set him up for a perfect shot on goal, but his goalscoring luck deserted him and his shot was saved acrobatically by Martin Dúbravka in the Newcastle goal. Over the next ten minutes or so, Gabriel Martinelli, David Luiz and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang were all desperately unlucky in not scoring as our pressure on the home side’s goal started to get more intense. In fact, as the first half ebbed away, one was starting to wonder if Newcastle United was actually out on the pitch today, as all of the play came from a very good and competent Arsenal team.

And so, as form follows function, the second half began in earnest, and with it, our domination of the game continued. Sadly, just seven minutes after the restart, David Luiz was unable to continue because of a hamstring injury, and so Calum Chambers replaced him for the remainder of the match. The game started to get rather scrappy at this point, and Mike Dean brought this malarkey to an end by showing a yellow card to Federico Fernández for a nasty foul on Gabriel Martinelli. However, less than ten minutes after this incident, Gabriel Martinelli crossed the ball into the Newcastle United six-yard box for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to force it into the net for our second goal of the match. Calum Chambers should have made it three-nil with a superb header that went just wide a little later, and this started a period of Arsenal dominance with Hector Bellerin and Granit Xhaka getting close to scoring with very good and clever chances, and with just twelve minutes of the match remaining, Nicolas Pépé replaced Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, who was extremely fatigued by this point of the game; and in another attempt to rest important players, Mikel Arteta decided to exchange Martin Ødegaard for Thomas Partey with just five minutes left of the match, which petered out to almost nothing. In fact, the final act of the match saw Fabian Schär being dismissed by Mike Dean for a cynical foul on who else, but Gabriel Martinelli, who appeared to receive more than his fair share of punishment at St. James’ Park this afternoon.

A good win today, that pushed us into ninth place in the Premiership, above Aston Villa, and a clean slate too. This match, which in the greater scheme of things will be become forgettable, but if it has done anything, it will have given the squad confidence for the more important game against Villareal on Thursday night, which we hope will be remembered for all the right reasons. Fingers crossed.

Remember everyone, keep the faith, get behind the team and the manager, as this season is going to be crucial for our future success in all competitions. Stick with the winners. Our next match: Villareal at the Emirates on Thursday, 6th May at 8.00pm (Europa League). Victoria Concordia Crescit.


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Arsenal win but the bigger story is at Old Trafford

Arsenal won yesterday. But at the same time there was something bigger happening in Manchester.

United fans stormed the stadium and stopped the game taking place. And I stand by every single one of them.

Football without fans is nothing

Those fans that turned up to Old Trafford yesterday love their club more than any owner, player, journalist, presenter or pundit

They are the beating heart of the club.

The European Super League was two fingers up at those fans that turned up yesterday, turned up previously to Anfield, Stamford Bridge and Emirates.

Florentino Pérez called us legacy fans. He admitted that clubs take us for granted. They don’t care about us because they feel we will always be there.

Their focus is on growing the fan base abroad. And that is what the European Super League was all about.

Sky don’t care about us legacy fans either.

Gary Neville talking about “reform in English football”.

Start with the TV companies.

Stop making Newcastle travel to Brighton on a Monday night.

Stop scheduling Liverpool v Arsenal when the last train leaves at half time.

Put match going fans first when it comes to kick off times.

And what sums it up is I saw a Oxford United fan on Twitter moaning about the fans that went to Old Trafford because he “really wanted to watch the game”.

And that sums up the modern game

Fans fighting against those that own the club they love being criticised because someone’s Sunday evening TV viewing is ruined.

Roy Keane was the only one on Sky who truly spoke up for the fans, saying he would “applaud” every fan as they have had enough.

Arsenal won. And I back every fan that wants to protest the money men who are determined to destroy the game for us legacy fans.