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What else can Arsenal expect this transfer window?

I am writing this on Saturday evening. Writing my blogs the night before helps me sleep. It could be a cure for insomnia you might say. anyway, by the time it is blogged (set for 8.40am Monday morning), Jamie Vardy might have been already announced as an Arsenal player.

If he has not, the likelihood is that it will happen at some point today (I now have to imagine that I am writing this tomorrow). Whether it has been announced or not, it seems pretty certain that he is on the way in.another-vardy-grap_2911223a

That then creates a good start to the beginning of the transfer window.

I am sure 3 months ago, we all agreed on what Arsenal need:

  • A pacey striker
  • A defensive midfielder
  • A centre back
  • A right winger

So it is two down, two to go. And it is only the 6th of June. The transfer window does not even officially open until the 1st of next month.

It is a good start. And hopefully that is what it is. A start. We still have more to go. Our business is not done. The cheque book should not be closed.

So what can Arsenal expect from the rest of our transfer summer (in before all the negatives nancies say nothing).

Now before I start, this is all my opinion. I am not privy to any information. This is just me putting together 2 and 2 and getting 12.

Ricardo Rodriguez seems to be one on our radar. Reports are that he has a release clause that we are willing to meet. A first choice left back was certainly not on anyone’s list at the end of the season, but he would be a good positive signing.

The consensus was that Kieran Gibbs’ time at Arsenal was coming to an end. That Arsenal should get shot this summer, and bring in a young left back to provide cover for Nacho Monreal, who within a year or two would replace the 30 year old Spaniard. The likes of Leicester City’s Ben Chilwell and Celtic’s Kieran Tierney were mooted. But it seems Rodriguez is top of the list.

This is a surprise at Rodriguez is not a youngster who would be willing to await his chance. He is 23 years old, is Switzerland’s first choice left back, whom he has 37 caps for, and has over played nearly 250 professional games. He certainly would not be coming to be Monreal’s understudy but as a direct competitor.

He is attacking and has a cracking left foot. In the short term, I think he would be coming in to both compete with Monreal, and also be a left footed option on the wing.

Were Rodriguez to come in, that would be 3 potential starters to have joined this summer.

Now I am of the belief that you do not introduce too many 1st XI players at any one time. It takes players time to settle, time to adapt, time to gel. Too many ends up with a disjointed team and history has shown it would create too any dropped points early on in the season.

By the time they have gelled it is too late.

Personally, 3 1st XI players is already too much. 2 maximum. But then we got back to the original shopping list. Signing a top left back still leaves us a right winger and a centre back short.

I honestly can not see the club signing Rodriguez, than adding a first choice centre back and a first choice right winger. It would leave us with one of the other. This will likely be a centre back.

Centre back is clearly more important than a winger. Laurent Koscielny aside, we are not strong enough at the back. Kalidou Koulibaly and Medhi Benatia seem to be the two at the top of our list.

A centre back is a most.

So where does that leave us with the right wing?

I do not think we will get one.

Theo Walcott and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, two who were scheduled to be on their last legs, will be given a lifeline due to Danny Welbeck’s injury.

Again, in my opinion, the plan was obvious. Buy a striker, Welbeck go’s wide where he excells, and Walcott go’s.

With Welbeck out until February at least (don’t expect to see him at all next season) it leaves us short.

But as previously stated, I can not see us integrating a 5th player into the 1st XI. The result is Walcott, Oxlade-Chamberlain, or even Serge Gnabry will start the season on the right wing. The alternative option would be Rodriguez on the left and Alexis Sanchez moving over.

Knowing Arsene and Arsenal, however, it would not be too much of a surprise if we did not buy a centre back and ended up with Henrikh Mkhitaryan on the right.

As for the out goings, I will look into these at another time.

It is going to be a busy summer. Granit Xhaka and Vardy are just the start.



Two former right backs set for Arsenal return?

As Mathieu Debuchy edge’s closers to a temporary exit from Arsenal, the talk has now turned to “Will Arsenal get in a replacement.” And with his exit, and other news going on in the footballing world, people, and journalists, and bloggers, and Tweeters alike are putting a lot of 2’s together with a lot of other 2’s in the hope that they come up with a 4.

First of all, we have the situation over at West Ham (we’ve stolen your song) involving Carl Jenkinson.

He seems to have fallen out of favour over in East London, starting just 2 of their last 8 games. With West Ham recently signing Sam Bryam for £3.7million from Leeds, his days are certainly numbered.

There has been a lot of talk that Arsenal might look to break his season long loan deal with the Hammers, bringing him back to provide the back up to Hector Bellerin. But whether this is feasible is unknown.

It is very rare that a season long loan deal is broken, especially when money is involved. West Ham paid £2million for the loan deal. I am sure (but not 100% sure) that if a fee is involved, the deal can not be broken. And if it can be, it would involve Arsenal having to pay back some of the loan fee. I just can not see Arsenal doing this.

Alongside the Jenkinson conundrum, there are reports that West Ham did not really want Bryam until the summer, and only moved now due to Everton sniffing around. There is a chance he could be loaned back to Leeds for the rest of the season, before replacing Jenkinson in the first team squad for 2016/17.

The likelihood is that Jenkinson will not return.

The second option that people seem to be discussing is the return of an Arsenal legend. One of the greatest of all time. Perhaps THE greatest of all time.

Emmanuel Eboue.

Before I start, why does Eboue not yet have a statue? In fact, he deserves more than that, Arsenal should rip up the stadium naming deal, and change it to the Emmanuel Eboue Stadium.

But in all seriousness, news of a return of Eboue to Arsenal has kind of come out of nowhere.

The last anyone knew of him, he was still getting up to high jinks at Galatasaray.

As it turns out, his last appearance for the horrible Turks was on the 19th April 2014.

Having returned to the club for pre-season training for the 2014/15 season, he was informed that he would not be playing.

“I came back for training and I was told I would not be playing,” Eboue was quoted as saying in The Sun “The president told the manager at the time not to pick me.”

As Galatasaray’s number of foreign player limit was full, he played the entire season for the under 21s and his contract recently expired with the club.

He has been quoted as saying as he would love to come back to Arsenal.”

That’s all well and good, but whether he would be wanted back is another story.

Discarded by the club in favour of Bacary Sagna in 2011, there would be question marks over his fitness having not played a competitive game in 18 months.

A possible scenario could be for him to return to the club just to train and get his fitness back up to standard, like so many before him have done. And then maybe, just maybe, if we are desperate, him to sign on a short term contract till the end of the season.

As far as I know (but I reserve the right to be wrong), as he is on a free transfer, he can be signed outside of the transfer window. But I am not sure where it stands with Premier League registrations.

At 32, he certainly would not have a long term future at the club. Just until this summer if signed. With Jenkinson returning for next season.


Personally, I can not see either of the two deals happening. If Debuchy does go, Calum Chambers has the ability to step up and be the second choice right back. That is the route I imagine the club will go.

Then again, there have been reports that the club are looking to loan out Chambers – possibly back to Southampton – for the rest of the season. That would leave us short. Coupled with the fact that Debuchy has not yet gone, it could be that Arsenal are awaiting to get in a replacement for the Frenchman before letting anyway leave. Whether that is Eboue returning, or Jenkinson’s loan deal breaking, who knows?

Whilst I am thinking about full back’s, I watched the Leicester game last night and was highly impressed by young Ben Chilwell. He also impressed me in the first game against Spurs.

Just 19, he looks to have a bright future ahead. Without attempting to hype him up too much (something which Arsenal fans, and football fans in general tend to do) as last night was his first home start for the club, he is clearly a player.

Arsenal should maybe take a risk on him. Sign him now whilst he is a lot cheaper than he could be in 18 months time. Look at Luke Shaw (yes I know he is now injured). Everyone knew about him 18 months before Manchester United signed him. Sides dithered, and he ended up costing around £30million.

The opposite is Dele Alli. Another talented youngster. Spurs jumped in early and snapped him up for £5million. He is not worth double that, maybe even treble, at least. Sometimes you need to take the risk.

Just 19, with him and Bellerin, Arsenal would have their full backs for the next decade.

Of course, Monreal has just signed a new 3 and a half year contract with the club. By the time that ends, he will be 33. Chilwell will be just 22.

A scenario I can easily see happening is Arsenal signing the youngster, leaving him at Leicester for the next 18 months to continue his development, before he returns in 2017 to compete with Monreal for first choice right back.

So there we have my predicitions.

No right back will be signed.

A left back will come in.

Have a good one all!


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