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Arsenal win pre-season treble – after just 1 victory

Have to love pre-season. A chance to get fit. A chance for foreign fans to see there heroes depending on where the tour takes us. And a chance to win loads of weird and wonderful trophies that ultimately mean nothing.

Arsenal won their first trophy of pre-season after a 1-1 draw with Bayern Munich. I do not know what the trophy was, or that we were even playing for one. I would imagine the players were even surprised when they were told there would be a trophy presentation.

The double was secured after Arsenal won their own tournament, the Emirates Cup. And this is why I love pre-season.

Despite Sevilla winning both games, they finished 2nd, whilst Arsenal, who lost to Sevilla, were eventual winners based on goals scored. Confused? I certainly was. But ultimately, it secured Arsenal the 2nd leg of a historic treble.

3 games played, 1 game won, 2 trophies secured.

Then we come to the glorified friendly of the Community Shield.

Arsenal drew against 10 man Chelsea, but lifted the trophy thanks to Swedish rock band ABBA.

Of course, we jest. All 3 trophies mean nothing and the real stuff starts Friday night against Leicester. Despite me falling out of love with football at the back end of last year, I am actually looking forward to the start of the season.

Beers with the mates, bit of football, more beers with my mates, as always, I will try to not let the football get in the way of a good day out at the football.