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Arsenal announce record season ticket renewals

Today is the first day of a nice 5 day weekend myself. Instead of thinking “lucky sod”, this is the longest period of annual leave I have had this year.

It is off to the Oval to see England beat those cheating Aussie’s. Tomorrow I am actually working. I have taken a days labouring at the London Stadium assisting in the set up of the stage of the Jay Z / Beyoncé concert.

Friday it is relaxing, bit of food shopping for a BBQ on Saturday. Probably watch a bit of World Cup football as well.

Yesterday I confirmed my seat move within the Emirates.

After 12 years sitting in the same seat I am moving. From block 11 to block 3.

Having spoken to the club, I was informed that 6,000 people have requested a seat move. The club are going through applications this week.

It is a huge amount of people, they said, driven by a lot of people being forced to move due to arsenal creating more disabled areas to fall in line with Premier League regulations.

I had a conversation with someone dealing with season tickets in the office when I was moving and he informed me that it was very unlikely that all 6,000 requests would be accepted.

“We have had the most renewals in years” he said.

It highlights why the club eventually got rid of Arsene Wenger. The empty seats at the ground put paid to his time at Arsenal.

The chap in the box office informed me that it was the largest percentage of renewals since we moved to the new stadium. It shows there is a new wave of optimism. Some fresh air.

You only have to see on Twitter people declaring that they have renewed, and were unlikely to do so if Arsene Wenger was still in charge.

I will always back the team no matter the manager, I support Arsenal FC, not refusing to support the club because I think it is Arsene FC. I wanted us to win the league last season, I want us to win it this season.

Anyway, the news of record season ticket renewals will disappoint some fans who would have been hopeful of getting a season ticket this summer.

The Arsenal season ticket waiting list currently sits at well over 40,000. In the past, it has dropped by about 4-5,000 a year.

There have been stories of people over 10,000 getting offered a season ticket. This is due to people ahead of them turning down a ticket. Either due to not being in a financial position to buy, the season ticket they have been offered being unsuitable, or the child they but on the season ticket still being 6 years old.

My prediction is the season ticket list this season will only drop by a couple of thousand – especially with the reduced capacity due to the increase of disabled seats.

If you are not offered a season ticket this summer, keep an eye on twitter as there are plenty floating about.

My hope next year is those that have bought season tickets actually turn up.

We still sell out pretty much every game. The huge amount of empty seats is due to season ticket holders not turning up.

If you only kept your season ticket to sell on game by game, shame on you. You should have it stripped.

If you have renewed, turn up, support your team and the new regime.

Up the Arsenal