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How long is the Arsenal season ticket waiting list?

So we are coming up to the date when season ticket renewals will be announced. It is likely to be this week 9my bet is it would have been today had we won last night), with fans given until early June to pay. We know 12 months in advance that the season ticket renewal will be early June, so no moaning about the short time frame to pay this year please!

Arsenal are likely to allow you to buy your season ticket once more on credit using one of their credit providers – previously Zebra.

What is more interesting is the size of the waiting list. It is this time of year where people who are no on the waiting list are hopefully. Hoping that people do not renew. Hoping that people on the list ahead of them have either died or do not have the funds when they are offered the ticket. A question is always asked by many:

How long is the Arsenal season ticket list?

The answer is simple, around 11 years.

This time last year, before the renewal date was announced, a friend of mine got in on the season ticket waiting list. He was 44,000 on the list.

He has just check his place on the list now, and has dropped to 40,000. This means during the last renewal process for the 2014/15 season, 4,000 people dropped off the list ahead of him. Whether it was due to getting their own season ticker or no longer wanting them.

The maths are simple. 44,000 divide by 4,000. It gives you 11.

Now this number is not exact, it is an estimation – so please do not moan. A few years of failure will see less people willing to renew. A few years of success will see more people renew. A recovering economy will also mean the list go’s down slower, as fewer people can ‘no longer afford to go’. On the flip side, if the club dramatically increased prices, then the list will shorten quicker as more people are priced out. But on the whole, you can take an average.

That average is 11 years.

So if you have only put yourself on the waiting list in the last couple of years, do not expect to be offered a season ticket this decade.