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Mirror caught out lying over Ozil to Man U transfer “exclusive”

So this mornings Arsenal related transfer news to hit the BBC Gossip Column was that Jose Mourinho was lining up a big money move for Mesut Ozil in the summer.

The report came from the Sunday Mirror, who declared it an Exclusive that Mourinho was looking to add another number 10 to his Manchester United squad. He had worked with Mesut Ozil at Real Madrid, has spoken fondly in the past about him, and clearly rates him highly.

It would have been a fairly easy story to write. One which might have had some truth in it. Until journalist Tom Hopkinson decided to use his creative writing degree and basically make stuff up to fill his article out. And it ended up back firing as it has exposed him as at best, unknowledgeable and incompetent. At worst a liar.

Tom Hopkinson completely missed the fact Real Madrid announced on May 20th 2013 that Jose Mourinho was set to leave the club at the end of the season. He joined Chelsea on June 3rd 2013, and Mesut Ozil joined Arsenal on September 2nd 2013.

So how could Mourinho have been “furious” at Real Madrid bigwigs, when he had already left the club?

Proof, really, if any was needed, that this new breed of young journalists make up transfer speculation to get noticed, and have an inability to check their facts.

Have a good Sunday


Special relationship key to Mesut Ozil future

In the last 48 hours, Arsenal superstar Mesut Ozil has been massively linked with a move away from the club with his reported destination being Manchester United.

It is easy to write this off as simple speculation. It is international break, newspapers have little to write about, so not too many hits, so let’s link the Premier League’s best player with the Premier League’s biggest club. Instant hits from the hundreds of millions of worldwide fans who before yesterday were just keeping an eye on ‘injury news’.

Add in that Mesut Ozil is currently in discussions for a new contract, the link could also be put down as Ozil’s side using Manchester’s 2nd club to get him the deal he wants at Arsenal. So often Arsenal have been on the receiving end of this, used to get a player a better deal elsewhere.

When you then mix in Manchester United being mid-table, in the Europa League and a club moving backwards rather than forwards, there is very little substance in the speculation.

But then you remember Paul Pogba.

At Juventus, becoming a global superstar. 4 league titles, 2 Coppa Italia’s and a recent Champions League runners up medal. But he left for Manchester United, and found 300,000 reasons a week to join them.

A lot of rubbish is written about players these days. A desire to play, a desire to win medals. But ultimately, with many modern day players, their biggest desire is that of their bank account.

It is why so many players have gone to the Middle-East, to China, to America over the years. It is why Yaya Toure left Barcelona for Manchester City. Ignore the ‘footballing project’ that they so often talk about, it is all about their bank balance.

Ozil moving to Manchester United would see him more than double his current £140,000 a week wage. Arsenal currently have a reported £160,000 contract on the table. Manchester United would see him probably double that. That would more than make up for the falling pound against the Euro.

And then there is one very special reason why Mesut Ozil would move to Manchester United.


In 2010, Mesut Ozil left Werder Bremen to join Real Madrid. At the time, Arsenal were heavily linked with the player. He ended up joining Real Madrid for just €15,000,000.6 weeks before he joined Madrid, they appointed their new manager, Jose Mourinho.

Whilst that summer Angel Di Maria was Real Madrid’s biggest signing, he was one done by those above Mourinho. Meanwhile, Ozil was his man. His signing. The man he planned to build the team around.

Ozil picked Mourinho and Real Madrid over Wenger and Arsenal.

Wenger finally got his man in 2013, signing Ozil for ~£45,000,000. His and Arsenal’s biggest ever signing. Mourinho had already left Madrid to Chelsea.

On that busy last 48 hours of the transfer window, Arsenal were also in discussion with Chelsea about loaning in Demba Ba. The deal feel through after Mourinho got a sniff of the Ozil deal. Jose knew how good a player Ozil was, and feared that alongside Demba Ba, Arsenal could shoot to the title.

The Ba deal did not happen, the Ozil deal did. Mourinho clearly loves Ozil.


“Özil is unique. There is no copy of him – not even a bad one. He is the best number 10 in the world.”

“He made things very easy for me and for his teammates with his football vision and the decisions he made,” he assured, arguing that it was a mistake to let him go.

“Everyone loves him and sees a bit of Luis Figo and Zinedine Zidane in him. We didn’t accept Arsenal’s offer for Demba Ba because the signing of Özil makes them title contenders.”

Ozil and his special relationship with the Special One could be the most important reason out of the 300,000 reasons a week he has to join Manchester United.


What has happened to the heirs of Wenger’s throne? Part II

So yesterday, we looked at 5 men who were once on most Arsenal fans target list to replace Arsene Wenger. Frank de Boer, Jurgen Klopp, David Moyes, Owen Coyle and Gary Monk. Another day, and it’s still the international break, we look at the next 6, starting with Jose Mourinho.

Jose Mourinho

Even as recently as this summer, Jose Mourinho was wanted by many Arsenal fans. The scenario was simple, are you willing to trade a bit of the clubs class, and ‘The Arsenal Way’ to get in perennial winner Mourinho?

The split was 50/50. Some happy to trade their dignity for a league title, others remaining strong to their principles.

Then this season happened with Man U.

He did it at Real Madrid, he did it at Chelsea, and now he is doing it at Manchester United. Not winning trophies but upsetting players, senior players. Model professionals like Bastian Schweinsteiger. His own singing in Henrikh Mkhitaryan.

He is failing to get the best out of Paul Pogba, signed an over the hill Zlatan Ibrahimovic, and is seeing the demise of club captain Wayne Rooney.

Mourinho has lost his touch. After United he will find himself with no where to turn. Big clubs won’t be on the phone to him or his management. All he has proved is he spends big, and makes favoured agents very rich in the process.

Diego Simeone

When I wrote my blog in 2012, Diego Simeone was 2nd on the list. He had only been at Atletico Madrid for 10 months, and had not even completed a full season. But his stock was high.

Back then, I highlighted a “lack of experience managing in Europe & never having managed a club for any length of time means he has not really shown the European world ‘his’ style of management “. Since then he has done remarkable things at Atletico

Breaking the Barcelona / Real Madrid dominance in La Liga and twice making the Champions League Final.

He has reportedly cut his Atletico Madrid contract short by two years. It now reportedly ends at the end of the 2017/18 season.

Despite his un-Arsenal like persona, I would not be too upset for Arsene Wenger to stay on for one more year, with Simeone coming in to replace him.

Guus Hiddink

Now 69, he is no longer the short-term option that he was back in 2012.

Roberto Martinez

I am going to nail my colours onto the wall early on with this one. I have always found Roberto Martinez to be one of the most overrated managers in the Premier League.

For some reason, he was rated highly for continually keeping Wigan up against all odds. Yet he was also the manger who, year after year, sailed the Wigan ship into the relegation zone.

It is a bit like congratulating a man for saving another’s life after he has deliberately shot him.

He won the FA Cup with Wigan, and took them down, then he got the Everton job.

Evertonian’s hated him. They could not wait to be rid. He could not coach defenders, taught players to pass when they should clear, and he oversaw a gradual deceline in the Premier League positions.

Sacked when Everton finished 11th, despite having the talents of John Stones, Seamus Coleman, James McCarthy, Ross Barkley & Romelu Lukaku at his disposal. He just showed himself up as not being a very good manager.

Now manager of Belgium, it will be interesting to see how he does with their ultra-talented squad, and with Thierry Henry as his number 2, there will be some calls for him to become next Arsenal manager is the pair do well. But none of those calls will be from me.


Michael Laudrup

What is it about Arsenal fans wanting Swansea City managers? Brendan Rodgers, Roberto Martinez and Gary Monk have all appeared (or will appear) in this series of blogs. Michael Laudrup makes 4.

Another one added to the list after his Swansea side beat Arsenal. He won the League Cup with the Swans, then got sacked. He is now managing his 2nd club in the Middle East. It might be Dubai or Qatar, I’m not sure. But we have not missed out on him.

Martin O’Neill

Another long term favourite of Arsenal fans. His chance has probably gone. He is now 64 and managing the Republic of Ireland.

The biggest mistake the FA did was not making him manager. It is too late for Arsenal, is it also too late for England? Perhaps


Up tomorrow: Pep Guardiola, Joachim Löw, Unai Emery and more