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Mirror caught out lying over Ozil to Man U transfer “exclusive”

So this mornings Arsenal related transfer news to hit the BBC Gossip Column was that Jose Mourinho was lining up a big money move for Mesut Ozil in the summer.

The report came from the Sunday Mirror, who declared it an Exclusive that Mourinho was looking to add another number 10 to his Manchester United squad. He had worked with Mesut Ozil at Real Madrid, has spoken fondly in the past about him, and clearly rates him highly.

It would have been a fairly easy story to write. One which might have had some truth in it. Until journalist Tom Hopkinson decided to use his creative writing degree and basically make stuff up to fill his article out. And it ended up back firing as it has exposed him as at best, unknowledgeable and incompetent. At worst a liar.

Tom Hopkinson completely missed the fact Real Madrid announced on May 20th 2013 that Jose Mourinho was set to leave the club at the end of the season. He joined Chelsea on June 3rd 2013, and Mesut Ozil joined Arsenal on September 2nd 2013.

So how could Mourinho have been “furious” at Real Madrid bigwigs, when he had already left the club?

Proof, really, if any was needed, that this new breed of young journalists make up transfer speculation to get noticed, and have an inability to check their facts.

Have a good Sunday