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Nicklas Bendtner – Majestic Ninja or Toppled Turtle?

Although the player is widely derided by most knowledgeable Arsenal fans, and probably rightly so, is it fair to knock a man for believing in himself, in his ability and his ambition?

Although eight years without a trophy at Arsenal cannot be blamed on the Ninja haired Dane alone, to quote another news article “the Danish international has been widely recognised as exactly the sort of player who has held the Gunners back.” And god knows Arsene Wenger has signed a few.

Now, true enough, he hasn’t quite set the premier league alight. He’s not really even been an average guff at a world farting competition. But he’s an established international and that must surely count for something right?

I admire anyone who has the guts and determination to strive to fulfil their full ambition and potential, but there can also be the dreamers who wish they could be the best and will never achieve their goal. We’ve all been over the park, pretending we’re Brady, Bergkamp, Henry or Wright. And there in that one sentence we get some sort of answer to the question. Nicklas Bendtner is NEVER going to be anywhere near any of the afore mentioned names. Donatello or Leonardo (The Turtle not the player) maybe, but never a world class player of their ilk.

We are always being told, and I quote Sir Ian Wright “If you believe in yourself and work hard enough, you’ll achieve your goal.” Now, that is easier said than done as surely you need to have the raw talent in the first place. I always believed that I would make it as a professional footballer. I believed I had what it takes, but in truth if I had trained 24/7/365 I would never have got so much as a sniff. I just never ever had the natural ability needed (Although I was probably better than the hapless Gus Caesar). Bendtner obviously had the minimum requirements otherwise he would not be a professional.

So who are we to mock the man’s ambition or self belief?

“How do you envisage continuing your career?” Bendtner was recently asked by Danish publication ‘Politiken’.

“At Real Madrid or Barcelona” came the instant answer. This despite being unable to find ANY club willing to pay him their ever so hard earned wonga to strut his self conceited stuff.

So I ask you all the question again, although I suspect I know the answer already. Is he a deluded Ninja-esque lunatic twat or should we just admire his egotistical self-aggrandizing?

You decide.