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Arsenal’s shocking transfer dealings exposed

https://shewore.mysupadupa.com/Throughout all of the Wenger stuff, one thing has become increasingly clear. Our transfer dealings this season have been atrocious.

When the summer transfer window shut, I was fairly optimistic about our season ahead. And part of the reasoning behind this was due to our transfer dealings.

Arsenal had signed two excellent experienced players Granit Xhaka and Shkdoran Mustafi, a talented young centre back in Rob Holding, and a fairly unknown forward who had excellent statistics in Lucas Perez. But it all seems to have unravelled. £93million spent on some exciting talents.

Granit Xhaka

When we signed Granit Xhaka, I was excited. I had followed him since his Basel days and was excited that we had signed him.

He looked the complete midfielder. Defensive awareness mixed with a fantastic range of passing. He would add steal to our midfield, protection to our defence, but would also be the man to start our attacks. He was the leader in the middle of the park that we had missed for so long. It seemed he had no weaknesses.

But then it all began to fall apart. His ill discipline that had hampered his early career reared its head once more. Rash into a tackle, he was clumsy rather than ferocious. 2 red cards and 9 yellows this season. And it could have been more.

Yes, he was unlucky to see red against Swansea, but there have been other times when he has been lucky to stay on the pitch.

He has probably not been as bad as it seems, but his position is made to seem worse due to the fact we picked Xhaka over N’Golo Kante, who has taken another huge step forward at Chelsea and is now the best defensive midfielder in world football.

With Xhaka, we are peering over the fence at our numbers Chelsea, seeing what we could have had, and it feels we picked the wrong option.

Shkodran Mustafi

I questioned Shkodran Mustafi’s ability back in December. At the time he had no lost a single game at Arsenal which he had played in. I was mocked in the comments o nthe blog, on Twitter and Facebook. How could I be criticising a player who had yet to lose in an Arsenal shirt?

Well at the time I looked beyond the results of the team and was looking at the performances of the defence.

At the time, Arsenal had not kept a clean sheet for 10 games, with just 4 all season – 3 of which had Mustafi in defence, and the Mustafi / Koscielny partnership was conceding at a rate of a goal a game.

I ended the blog with;

Arsenal defensive frailties have become worse this season. Mustafi has solved one problem but created another.

4 months on and he was part of a centreback partnership against Crystal Palace that failed to make a single tackle. Two crude tackles in the 1st half meant he probably should have seen red. He was lucky to stay on the pitch.

Mustafi has played 17 games in 2017, Arsenal have conceded 31 goals. We have conceded more 3 or more goals on 7 occasions this calendar year. We have kept just 6 clean sheets. 3 of which have been in the FA Cup.

It is not just Mustafi’s fault. The entire defence from Bellerin across to Monreal has been shocking. But Mustafi has shown as huge technical issues which worry.

He tends to chase the ball. He is a poor judge of a high ball. His headers rarely reach a team mate. He dives in to tackles. He is beaten too easily.

I still think he will turn out to be a good player at Arsenal, but at £35,000,000 you would expect better performances than the Sunday League level ones he is putting in at the moment.

Lucas Perez

It is easy to forget the Lucas Perez is an Arsenal player. He ha splayed just 265 minutes in the Premier League this season.

Whether this is because he is a poor player, Wenger does not fancy him, Wenger is misusing him, or a mixture of everything, it will probably never be known.

It would not surprise me of Perez was shipped out this summer with Arsenal recouping what they spent on him.

A hat trick against Basel in the Champions League has been his career highlight thus far. His other goals coming against Nottingham Forest, Bournemouth and Sutton.

He was clearly a panic buy when it became obvious that Danny Welbeck was going to be out longer then expected. With just Olivier Giroud up top, we lacked a pacey option and Perez was bought in.

Perez has been hampered by the decision to play Alexis Sanchez through the middle. Whilst this did work out for the good, it has meant less game time for Perez. Walcott has had a very good season wide right (18 goals this season) but I perhaps would have liked to see Perez get a run out ahead of Alex Iwobi in a few games on the left hand side.

With Welbeck back fit, Perez is currently behind Welbeck, Giroud, Sanchez, Walcott & Oxlade-Chamberlain to get game time. You would struggle to make a justification for him to start ahead of any of those.

A very expensive panic buy. Not good enough to challenge for the 1st team when everyone is fit.

Rob Holding

It would be unfair on Rob Holding to label him a flop. He is just 21 and has shown good signs when called upon. At just £2million, he was clearly signed with the future in mind.

Unlike Calum Chambers, he does not have the hefty price tag over his head which will lead for calls for him to be ready for the first team.

He ha sonly played a handful of games this season, and could do with going on loan to a Premier League side next season to get some game time.

We could have a decent player on our hand, but he needs game time.

Takuma Asano

Does he even have a work permit yet? Throw him in the box with the likes of Joel Campbell, Wellington Silva, Samuel Galindo, Pedro Botelho & Carlos Vela. Players who we signed, spent years getting them valid work rights, and they ultimately turned out to be useless.

Kelechi Nwakali

Just a baby. We would moan if we signed him, and then moan if, after a trial, we turned him down and he became Yaya Toure.

£3,000,000 is a lot of money for a player who had only every played on sandy fields in Africa, but that is the cost of talented young players these days..

Cohen Bramall

Would be completely unfair to judge him as a flop. And I will not do so.

What he does highlight is just how poor our transfers have been this summer. He was the only signing in January, and he highlights just how little business we did in January. Just a young, non-league full back.

We have barely won a game in 2017. Not signing a single senior player in January is now looking like a ridiculous decision.


£93,000,000 spent. Money not well spent.

There is no point moving to the new stadium, having a big load of money to spend, if we are not going to spend it correctly. Just another reason why it is time for Wenger to go.



Arsenal’s pre-season so far: A summary (sort of)

132Three friendlies down, two to go.


This pre season, I have watched just the one game. The first against Lens. The other two were way past my bed time.

And when I say I have watched one game, I had the Lens match on, but was busy watching the highlights of the first day’s play of England v Pakistan and the Tour de France.

This is a collection of thoughts of what I have seen (which I have admitted is not much) and from what I have understand from those who have watched a lot more.

Defensive errors – Part of the Lens game I did watch was us conceding a goal. It was a typical Arsenal error. Calum Chambers went up to early and aggressive in an aerial challenge. Was beaten. Per Mertesacker didn’t have the pace to cover, and the right back (I have no idea who) was out of place. A goal we have seen us concede many times this season.

Rob Holding – He scored a goal. Apparently played well. But as someone said “He was playing against a bunch of Mexican gardeners”. And his job is not to score goals.

Theo Walcott – He is shit. All the fitness videos in the world have not improved his touch. He is not a solution to replace Olivier Giroud.

Mathieu Debuchy – Look Walcott, he has been awful. All over the shop.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – Impressive, as Oxlade-Chamberlain always is in pre-season. He always shows glimpses, than once the season starts, tails off. It is all well and good scoring a FIFA goal against Chivas, but when it comes to Liverpool on the first game of the season, will he disappear?

Jack Wilshere – Injured again.

Chuba Akpom – “Looked Lively”. Surely it is time now for him to stay at the club, as 3rd choice striker behind Giroud and a new signing (4th once Danny Welbeck is back).

Granit Xhaka – Apparently he has looked tidy. I am not sure if the person who said that was talking about the way he looks, or the way he plays.

Mesut Ozil – He left his holiday in Los Angeles, California early to meet up with the team in Carson, California. A distance of 17 miles. Nothing to see here.

I might make the effort to watch our next pre season game (when is it?). That way, I will actually know how we are looking.

If you want a proper view of how we have played, and haven’t watched that, I would suggest reading someone elses blog.

ps: The third kit is just as ugly on the players as it is in the photos. I think.

Have a good one!



Arsenal Sign Bolton Beckenbauer

So Arsenal have signed 20 year old England youth international centre back from Bolton, and already the world of Arsenal fans is losing it.

On one side, we have those sitting dumbfounded. Arsenal have gone out and signed YET ANOTHER young player. What the hell is going on? Why do we even bother? Arsene Wenger only ruins them anyway.

On the other side, we have signed the Bolton Beckenbauer. The next Tony Adams. The man to play centre back for The Arsenal for the next 15 years.

The reality is, both of you are stupid.

He could be the next Tony Adams. He could also be the next Igor Stepanovs. Or the next Kyle Bartley – the last young centre back we bought from Bolton, now shipped out on loan from Swansea to Leeds.

Who would have thought in 2013, when Everton paid Barnsley £3m for John Stones ,that 3 years later he would be subject to a bidding war for around £50m? Likewise,a year later in 2014, Arsenal bought the equally as talented Calum Chambers for £16million, and he has since struggled to settle.

What I am perhaps trying to say is let’s give Rob Holding the chance. Let’s not hype him before any of us have seen him (let’s be honest, who watched Bolton last season?), but let’s also not write him off as a failure before he has even kicked a ball for the club.

Let’s allow him to develop into the player is destined to be. He could be another Kolo Toure, or could become another Johann Djourou. Allow him to become the best Rob Holding that he can be.

And another thing, let’s not get on his back.

He should not be Arsenal’s only new defensive signing. I still expect a senior centre back to come into the club. But if one does not, that is not Holding’s fault, blame Wenger.

When we signed Yaya Sanogo, the young Frenchman got a lot of unfair grief from many fans. It was not his fault Wenger failed to sign another striker. It was not his fault he was suddenly Arsenal’s second choice. That was down to Wenger. And he was derided every time he started. He was on to a loser before he had even kicked a ball at Arsenal.

This did not sit well. A youngster getting the blame for a managers decision? No. Just wrong.

So do not get on Holding’s back, it will not be his fault if we have to rely on him next season.

Signing youngsters is a hard thing to do. You need to do it. If you do not, you risk missing out on a top player, like Hector Bellerin.

You could wait for another side to sign the youngster, see how he progresses, and then sweep in. But then you end up in a scenario where every top club ignored John Stones & Dele Alli, and now both are worth a lot of money!

It is pretty much 13 years to the day that Arsenal had a young Yaya Toure on trial. Anyone who was at the game against Barnet would agree with how poor he was. No one there would have predicted the world beater that he became.

It is interesting that many who bash Wenger for signing youngsters also bash Wenger for letting Yaya Toure slip. You can not have the best of both worlds.

You take a risk on a kid, some pay off, some don’t. What is important is that you sign senior players to go with them.

There is no point signing Holding and Takuma Asano if we do not also sign a senior centre back and senior striker.

Rob Holding, welcome to Arsenal, and good luck.