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JW Diaries: Green kits and £30 for a pint !

As ever on these tours it was another day of Arsenal related events. The hottest day so far, with temperatures reaching 35 degrees greeted us at the 3rd Kit Launch which was attended by a number of players.

Due to the heat, the launch started 30 minutes early whilst we were still in the bar! Many are already mocking the kit, but seeing it up close, I rather like it!

The event was held at the trendy Promenade area, which is a Quay overlooking some amazing sights; due to the heat, we left early and went to a local bar where I paid 37.50 Singapore dollars which equates to around £30 for 2 beers which were just over half a pint each!

From there, we went back to the stadium to watch an Open Training session. Unsurprisingly, nothing was given away, but it’s always interesting to watch these with the different styles and techniques delivered by the new Head Coach.

Today sees the 2nd game of the tour against Paris St Germain; fortunately there’s no fan events today, therefore I can spent the morning catching up on some much needed rest!


JW Diaries: Open training session and kit launch

Thursday started off with an early morning trip to the Singapore Supporters Club HQ ‘Five Square’ where the Arsenal media team organised a Q and A session with Ray Parlour.

There was 7 fans representing various supporters clubs from around the world; I was invited to attend on behalf of the UK Gooners. This will be shown on the Arsenal web site at some stage.

Arsenal are very good at these events as well as the other fan activities; they always ensure that any UK fan that makes the long trip get invites and tickets if they request them.

A few more beers were consumed and it gave us the opportunity to meet some old friends from various countries around the world as well as making new ones.

After a afternoon nap, still trying to shake off the jet lag, we made our way to the stadium. Before a few beers at a local bar, we went to the Arsenal merchandise stall and a tour tee shirt was purchased.

I meet up with a friend who runs the stadium and was told that ticket sales for this match was slow but Saturday’s is going well with a near full house expected.

Before I left the bar, I was informed that teamsheets were delivered to my seat; a massive thanks as always to Damian!

I thought that we played well and was unlucky not to win. Like last year in Shanghai, we were unaware that there was to be a penalty shootout; it appeared that the player were also unprepared as the pens were awful.

Some good individual performances though with high praise to debutant Emile Smith-Rowe who capped off a fantastic display with a signature long range goal. I’ve seen Emile play at an early age at the academy, he really is the real deal.

Beers and karaoke was the way we saw out the night with Friday being another packed day.

There’s a Fan Zone at the Promenade Park which concludes with the 3rd Kit Launch followed by a dash to the stadium to watch an open training session and rest assured, plenty of alcohol in between!


JW Diaries: Atletico Madrid, Ray Parlour and too many beers

Another day, another visit to the team hotel; this time it was the Fan Party!

These events are really good; you get to see players in a different light. Firstly, Arsenal pitch-side presenter Nigel Mitchell interviewed Ray Parlour, who was his normal witty self. After that, 4 players came into the stage and played a series of games including drawing various things which concluded a Q & A session.

Whilst there, I managed to meet our new Head Coach who signed autographs and posed for pictures to everyone who was there, a very charming man who I’m completely taken with, I really believe we’ve made the right choice.

Ivan Gazidis was not around and the speculation continues.

After this, we went to Clarke Quay which is a lovely area full of bars and restaurants. Needless to say, we only frequented the former, later on we was joined by a media friend who informed me that both the Club and Ivan wouldn’t speak of his future; it doesn’t sound promising.

Today sees us play our first real match against Atletico Madrid, it appJW Diaries: Atletico Madrid, Ray Parlour and too many beersears that all the squad minus our World Cup players will get a run out.

Before that I’m meeting Ray Parlour in a formal setting to be televised and put on the web site.

Too many beers last night and no doubt, lots more today……..