Arsenal stop plans for Flags inside the ground

On Friday I like many others got a message from RedAction, the Arsenal supporters group whose main remit is atmosphere inside the bowl, to ask if I could take my flag to the ground Sunday and do I know any others with Arsenal flags. The plan was to get as many flags together so they could put on some kind of display before the game.

I like the old fashioned flags I think they add character to football grounds and even if they only seem to pop at away games its a tradition that should not be lost. There are 100’s of decent Arsenal flags out there, some St George Crosses, some with the old cannon or 30s crest on them, some with names of area’, pubs etc, so much better than 90% of the sterile banners the club used in the arsenalisation of the bowl.

Sadly on Saturday afternoon RedAction sent a message out that its been cancelled due to the ground management saying there’s “unforeseen complexities”. I feel really sorry that a decent idea by RedAction to put on a bit of a show, try to make the bowl look intimidating and create a good atmosphere has been prevented due to a lack of effort by the club to get over the complex idea of a few flags, just how hard can it be ?

I will admit in the past I haven’t been a big fan of RedAction and always wondered, a bit like I do with Ivan Gazidis “what the F*** do you do”. But after a few chats over the last few years I now know what a hard job they have trying to persuade the club to help us help the team. So to RedAction, sorry to hear the hard work you did came to nothing and to the bowls management team SHAME ON YOU.



7 thoughts on “Arsenal stop plans for Flags inside the ground

  1. Ahmet

    The reason they will not let flags in is cause a few Turkish Cypriots hang flag up so did the Greek Cypriots and they had trouble, trying to get the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots to sort problem out and have peace , I am on the case show the club there will be no problem need your help

    1. Mr X

      That was the national flag ban, a silly ban which was overturned years ago. It is disgusting that the club won’t allow REDaction to do their plans but there really is nothing in the (worthless) ground regs that stop it.

  2. reallycrossross

    The problem is sectarianism and solgans of an indecent nature. RedAction need to be more co-ordinated in there approach imo. Randomly requesting fans attend to a show of support rather than planning in advance. The fixture list has been out for long enough for them to have approached the club explained how they would enforce a non-sectarian/offensive solgan ban amounst it’s members. If they were to be more organised aka European fan groups they may get more positive results. It’s too ‘amaturish’.

    1. Mr X

      Sectarian? Since when has Arsenal been in Glasgow? I’ve been going for years and I have never heard or seen anything sectarian at Arsenal ever. There is no issue with anything being sectarian because Arsenal fans aren’t, it is because the stadium manager only wants plastic fans and not real fans who want to support the team.


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