POLL: Arsenal B v Tottenham B – Who would win?

OK, after this yesterdays article comparing the strongest line-ups of Arsenal and Tottenham, which, unsurprisingly, Arsenal came out on top, it seems most of the comments were about squad depth. That Tottenham’s was deeper and stronger. Although this is reminiscent to what Robbie Keane once said, and was proved wrong, I have decided to explore this. So who would win Arsenal B v Tottenham B?

Jenkinson Vermaelen Boateng Monreal
Diaby Flamini Rosicky
Ox Sanogo Podolski

Naughton Kaboul Chiriches Assou-Ekotto
Eriksen Sandro Sigurosson
Townsend Defoe Chadli

So who would win?


Ps: Only reason Eriksen is in the B team is because he had not signed before yesterdays article. He still is not better than The General though
PPs: If you want a laugh, read through the comments of yesterdays article. One deluded Spud claims Andros Townsend is better than Theo Walcott. Another says Lamela, who he has probably never seen play, is better then Cazorla. Another claiming that Dawson (4 caps) is superior to Mertersacker (91 caps). Delusion. A lot of it.


10 thoughts on “POLL: Arsenal B v Tottenham B – Who would win?

  1. Madcap

    Yes you are right, there is much delusion on this blog, most of it from the author who is without question insane.

  2. epochery

    Really clueless article, Sandro 2nd xi you are having a laugh. Caps don’t mean anything really its the team you are playing in and the competition for that place.

  3. Daniel J Permutt

    The only thing about this article that is accurate is the fact that you mentioned it was ‘unsurprising’ that Arsenal came out on top. Come on, man – do you really think you’re going to get an unbiased opinion from the Arsenal supporters who follow your blog? Give them a choice between an Arsenal button and a Spurs button and they’ll click the Arsenal button every time, with no hesitation – regardless of how strong/weak the two teams actually are.

    (And, there’s a reason why that ‘deluded’ Spurs fan said that Dawson was superior to Mertesacker – but you’d actually have to watch some football to find out why)

    1. daraman

      Merkesacker is awful. Please play him tomorrow.
      I think Arsenals biggest advantage over spurs at the moment is that they are a team that know each other and have a plan.

      Where I think Arsenal suffer, is in big matches, where they have to battle hard to earn the right to play. I think the spurs team is being built for battle and play.

      Arsenal might win tomorrow, but there will be no arsenal cleansheet. I think spurs will keep many cleansheets this year. Spurs will be hard to breakdown and they will get harder to breakdown as the season goes on.
      to win a match arsenal have to score 2 goals against anybody. This is hard to do for a whole season.
      I think Kaboul will play tomorrow. Spurs will squeeze the middle and play a very high line. Walcott is your only hope if this happens. our midfield will out work yours. Yes. I agree they will have to win but they will.
      Spurs can boss the match.

  4. BOB

    Im a neutral Man united fan but Its weird how when I look on the Spurs sites I hardly ever see them comparing their teams to Arsenal .They seem to just go on about what their doing in their deluded way. When I go on Arsenal site all they do is seem to talk about Spurs .

    1. DoubleDoubleDouble

      Spurs fans are always banging on about how their team is better than Arsenal, and how THIS season they will show who is the top team in North London.

      I get the feeling that you are either lying, or…no, just lying.

  5. cam2410

    this is hilarious. Im a completely unbiased man utd fan, and its clear to everyone (and everyone is saying it…) but arsenal fans that this season the spurs first XI, and second XI are both stronger than that of arsenal. You’re so deluded if you think otherwise. Like the comment above from Daniel J Permutt, arsenal fans are bound to select the arsenal team every time, regardless of how strong the current tottenham team is. and being that this is an arsenal blog the results are clearly that of arsenal fans. Classic deluded arsenal fan… 🙂

  6. Patski

    My dad’s a Tottenham fan and my brother’s an Arsenal fan. Me? I’m kinda torn between the two. It’s an odd position to be in and I’m probably one of the only people in London who doesn’t hate one or the other. I’ll say this…the players spurs have brought in are for the most part, all top draw players….Soldado, Paulinho, Eriksen, Lamela and Capoue would walk into any premier league team. If these players settle quickly, Arsenal are in trouble. Theo, Jack, Santi, Verms and Lukas are for me Arsenals stand out players. Ramsey’s started the season well but the opposition he’s shown well against hasn’t been top draw so that’s why I’ve held off putting him in with the others. Thinking about squads I’d have to say Spurs are stronger. There’s more players that I’d take from Tottenham and put in the Arsenal than the other way around.

  7. LOL

    The only two Spurs players I would put into our Arsenal team are Lloris and Vertonghen. Just because the Spurs have paid over the odds for players doesn’t mean they are worth what they paid.


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