Arsenal v Tottenham – A player by player review

In 2 days, 7 hours time, Arsenal will be kicking off against Tottenham in the North London Derby. A team who has spent nothing, against a team who have spent nearly £90m. Here at SheWore, we compare the two sides if they both had a fully fit first 11. Who has the best side? Add your thoughts in the comments below…

Szczesny v Lloris

Both are amongst the best shot stoppers in the Premier League. But both also have their faults which may stop them fulfilling their potential. Hugo Lloris can often get a little ‘Hollywood’ with his saves, giving away needles corners. Whilst Wojciech Szczesny suffers from over confidence. He does not flap at corners (as flap normally means looks unconfident under them) he more makes the bad decision to come and runs into trouble.

The difference between the two is Szczesny’s faults will lead directly goals, whilst Hollywood Hugo’s will lead to good youtube highlights. Add him being electric on the line, Hugo Lloris gets it.

Szczesny 6 Lloris 8

Sagna v Walker

A player towards the end of his career against a player near the beginning. These two right backs are not just polar differences in where they are in careers but also in playing style. Bacary Sagna is a very defensive full back. Whilst Kyle Walker plays like a Brazilian, bombing forward and neglecting his defensive attributes.

If you could combine Sagna’s ability in defence with Walker’s ability in attack, you would have Cafu. As it is, both do their job well. Whilst Sagna might be past his best, Walker often shows his youth.

Sagna 7 Walker 7

Koscielny v Vertonghen

The athlete in both sides centreback pairing. Also the goal scorers. Both perhaps hit the headlines more last year for their goals then there defending, but that does not say both are poor defenders. Both are brilliant one on one and are amongst the most athletic in the league.

Vertonghen however edges it as he relies less on last ditch challenges and is stronger in the air.

Koscielny 8 Vertonghan 9

Metersacker v Dawson

The slow, yet ‘proper’ defender in both sides. Both are leaders on the park and both are proper defenders. Less concerned with running forward for the glory of a goal, more excited about keeping a clean sheet.

Dawson’s career at Spurs looked over last season as he was offered to QPR due to the emergence of Kaboul, but AVB realised that playing ‘2 athletes’ does not work and that you need a proper defender alongside an athlete. See Ferdinand/Vidic or Desailly/Blanc for your reference – Arsenal have done similar realising that the best partnership is Mertesacker with Koscielny, not Vermaelen.

Mertesacker is the clear winner in this contest as he is head and shoulders above the Englishman.

Mertesacker 8 Dawson 6

Gibbs v Rose

No contest. Despite there only being 10 months between them, Kieran Gibbs is superior in all hours. Better getting forward. Better in defence. Danny Rose is clearly a stop gap until Spurs find a decent left back.

Gibbs graduated from the England U21s in 2010. Danny Rose is still part of it.

Gibbs 8 Rose 5

Arteta v Capoue

Two completely different defensive midfielders. One is positional aware, has great reading of the play and can start attacks. The other covers the ground, is a physical ball winner and lets you know they are there.

Both of their strengths are the other ones weakness and the decision comes down to whether you think the defensive midfielders job is to let an opponent know he is there, or to win the ball quietly and start the attacks.

Arteta 7 Capoue 7

Ramsey v Paulinho

The man of the moment, Aaron Ramsey, against one of the most hyped up central midfielder to join the Premier League in a decade. A lot of what is known about Paulinho is from a good Confederations Cup and a performance against Chelsea in the World Superduper Cup for Clubs. This is a challenge I look forward too, not just for tomorrow but for the rest of the season. For me, at the moment, Aaron Ramsey edges it, as he has performed at a high level in the Premier League for all of 2013.

Ramsey 9 Paulinho 8

Wilshere v Dembele

Jack Wilshere and Moussa Dembele. Player’s which stats were not made of. Both are top players, you have only to watch them to realise that. Yet both do not score or assist enough. Whilst Wilshere has had his progress halted by injury, Dembele’s career at Spurs has also stuttered as AVB seems to always be looking for a better option (Bale in the middle, Dempsey, Sigurosson). When it comes down it, Wilshere is more talented, and will only get better.

Wilshere 8 Dembele 7

Walcott v Lennon

At one point these two were labelled as ‘nothing but speed.’ Aaron Lennon has not really pushed on since he became the youngest player to appear in the Premier League 10 years ago. Whilst Theo Walcott has struggled ever since he became England’s youngest ever player in 2006. However, last year Walcott broke through, scoring 21 and assisting 14. Aaron Lennon meanwhile scored just 4, assisting 8. There is no real comparison. Theo Walcott is far superior.

Walcott 9 Lennon 6

Giroud v Soldado

Whoever scores more in the League could determine which team finishes above whom. Neither have had a sparkling careers, Giroud in France until 25, Saldado a Real Madrid reject, but both will be looking to score a hatful for their new(ish) clubs. Both rely on the help of others to score, as neither are blessed with pace or the ability to create something out of nothing.

Soldado has hit 81 goals in his last 3 seasons. He is the more proven goal scorer. And it is that which just edges it.

Giroud 6 Soldado 7

Cazorla v Lamela

The little genius against he who is almost about to sign. Cazorla has assisted more goals in his time at England then any other player. He is a player of top quality. Lamela meanwhile is an unknown quantity. 15 goals from midfield at 21 shows talent. It comes down to a simple equation, would you rather a player who can do it, or a player who might be able to do it?

For once, Arsenal have the man with experience whilst Spurs have the man with potential.

Cazorla 10 Lamela 7

Arsenal 87 Tottenham 77



76 thoughts on “Arsenal v Tottenham – A player by player review

      1. Arspur

        Agreed. Dawson is too arrogance, when said about a stronger team, while he is the worst player in the whole team!


      2. TC1

        right so someone with 4 international caps is better than someone with 91 GERMANY international caps, and also germany are better than england so thats harder. Shut up you stupid spurs fan. \Mertesacker is a mile better than Dawson.


  1. MM

    Thanks for this, it made me feel much better. As a gooner i agree with the result (why wouldn’t I, I’m no masochist, if i wanted to be miserable I would chose another hobby like comparing my gut with any hollywood’s star’s sixpack), though i feel it’s probably tighter than that


    1. mosgoon

      Well good for you, you only had one good player last year and he is gone. Sure you have replace hime with several player which is good. But if you hadn’t you would have been mid table without Bale. At least AFC do not rely on any one player now. Lets see at the end of the season how many of those signings realy come good.


  2. Josh

    well of course you’re gonna give the edge to arsenal seeing as you’re a gooner fan, but sorry your post is bullshit 🙂


  3. Thanksforthelaugh

    Because Aaron Ramsey would walk into the Brazil national football team….pahahahahaha. You’re also forgetting your star signing Flamini, sent shivers down the spine of all Spurs fans when we heard that news…pahahahaha.


    1. YW forthelaugh

      You are totally right… Since Paulinho plays for Brazil, that means he’s better than Ramsey. Brazil definitely have an elite national team at the moment. BAHHAHA.

      There are two arguments to that though…
      1) Brazil are currently trying to shuffle around players to figure out who would be a good fit for their starting 11 but sacrificing results – hence the reason why Paulinho has been playing for them, he wouldn’t otherwise.
      OR 2) NO! Paulinho is a definite starter for Brazil… on possibly the worst Brazil team in the nation’s history (it is the worst according to FIFA’s rankings.)

      Plus, did the author mention Flamini? No. That is because he was signed to add depth… not to boost the team’s starting 11.


  4. ped

    written by a gooner… blind one who knows little about football at that… still laughing
    we’ll see on sunday evening…


  5. mahi

    wer da fuck is Townsend??…. he s da man in form…. & chiriches wil start da game… truely tot hv a gud squad compareed 2 ars… we just spent 100+mil


  6. dan

    What a biased piece of crap! Ramsay better than Paulinho?? what a laugh…and Arteta is not even playing on Sunday…Cazorla a 10?? dream on..Wilshere above Dembele, will see on Sunday 😉 as for Walcott 9?? and Lennon 6?? well you obviously have a very short memory about which of these 2 had the much better game last time the teams met in March…


  7. mahi

    wer da fuck is Townsend?…. he s da man in form…. & chiriches wil start da game instead of dawson… truely tot hv a gud squad compareed 2 ars… we just spent 100+mil


  8. JayJay

    So funny

    I thought at fair it was pretty fair and then Mertesacker getting 2 points more than Dawson sent it mad from then on.

    Paulinho may not be known in this country but he has played in Brazil and because we dont follow that league we dont know him as well as we will do…….ask yourself this would Ramsay get into the Brazil team ahead of Hernanes, Ramires, Kaka, Willian, Ganso and etc….NO…but Paulinho does just watch him on Sunday

    Dembele is better than Wilshere right now….watch them against one another in the NLD at WHL…Dembele dominated and missed the game at the emirates which is why we was beaten.

    Again Capoue is a real DM and is alot better than Arteta its a joke, you AFC fans say you need a bruising midfielder, why do you say that if Arteta is so great…Capoue would walk into your side.

    Soldado is at least 2 points better than Giroud, Walcott is 1 point better than Lennon (but then Lennon doesnt actually get in our team anymore)

    The article is a joke, the only player who would definately get into our team is Santi Cazorla….and once we confirm Eriksen that position will be up for debate too


    1. MM

      If Capoue would walk into our side we would have signed him by now. I’m sure that AW’s scouts, with all their deficiencies, are better judges than either of us.

      Remember who’s been above you all these years.


      1. JayJay

        Thats ridiculous, you had the chance to sign Michu for 2 million but didnt, is that because he isnt good enough for you, no!!!! its because you sign the wrong players.

        If you would have signed Capoue he would walk into your side, you didnt buy him for the same reason you didnt buy Zlatan for 7m in the past or Ronaldo for 12m because Wenger has lost the plot.

        No everyone can sign the same players, but your view that if Arsenal didnt sign them its because they are not good enough is stupid… didnt sign Bale for 10million because he wernt good enough right!!! well 86million pounds later and look how that turned out


      2. Joe

        You’re living in the past pal. This is now, and you goners are shitting it ahead of Sunday’s game. You wouldn’t of signed capoue because think about it mate, you’ve signed no one apart from some shit lad called sanogo and prehistoric flamini, great transfer window you guys have had.

        lloris-8 walker-7 vertonghen-9 Kaboul-8 rose- 7 Townsend- 8 paulinho-9 capoue-8 lamela-9 dembele-8 soldado- 9

        Sczeny- 6 Sagna-7 koscielny-8 mertesacker- 6 Gibbs- 7 Walcott-8 wilshere-9 cazorla-9 arteta- 8 Ramsay-8 giroud- 7


  9. mahi

    wer da fuck is Townsend?…. he s da man in form…. & chiriches wil start da game instead of dawson… truely tot hv a gud squad compareed 2 ars… we just spent 100+mil. just another jobless gooner writing shit…. u can ask Wenger 2 kiss AVB’s asssss….gooners u suck…. I hate u 2 da core….


  10. Romeo Longsword

    lol, beneath the laughters, I also sense a taint of sadness from the writing, this is a self comforting, desperate writing. Thank you, you make me as a Spurs fan more confident about this match.


  11. oz

    5-2 then 5-2 hatrick anyone? Ramsey because he’s not Brazilian gets told not as good as paulineo why Brazil aren’t great average team at best.mock Ramsey we see on Sunday.


  12. Miao

    Although I agree with most of your ratings but some are just bias.

    Mertesacker 8? Dawson 6? Dawson been a rock since being called up, and we have 4 clean sheets in 4 games. Both 8 IMO.

    Ramsay 9? I accept that based on his recent performance. But that rating should be applied to your best players, like Cazolar, Bale etc

    Walcott and Lennon comparison is the most bias, Lennon actually was superb last season, making so many good chances and beating defences, I’ll say he’s just 1 below Walcott, as both tends to disappear in some games. Giving a 9 on a player who isn’t Cazola (world class) is not right.

    I agree with Cazola but why did u even rate lamela? He’s not in or played for us yet. We use chadli and he’s been excellent.

    The overall should be much closer than your bias ratings on certain players.


  13. Donald Donaldson

    Cazorla 3 points better than Lamela?
    Ramsey better than Paulinho?

    Oh go fuck off u deluded muggy wanker,

    No wonder u twats are giggled at.


    1. danyiddoshevlin

      Mate,when I listen to my teenage kids talking football they are all like ” yeah Arsenal are okay but when have you ever seen them win anything?”
      And they are right!
      My Grandad and my uncles can remember Spurs winning the league but there comes a time when you have to stop boasting about it.Eight years and ALL the kids of today,future football fans and possible season ticket holders,haven’t seen Arsenal win anything! For Eight years they have just been better than all the teams that AREN’T contending for the title.
      Arsenal aren’t that good anymore and season after season they are getting worse.
      That ain’t me being a nasty yid,that’s just me telling you the truth!
      And this article is complete bollocks.


      1. MM

        “For Eight years they have just been better than all the teams that AREN’T contending for the title. ” Very true, and very sad.

        But those weaker teams you speak of always included Spurs.


      2. Ian Harvey

        I wasn’t boasting about. Just pointing out the difference in mindset. When you’ve seen your team win as much as I have you’ll understand. Success is never guaranteed in football, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last 9 years. We contended the title twice in that period and I’m hopeful we will again this time around.

        The truth is, I’ve seen us win 5 league titles as a season ticket holder and it’s something you never forget.


  14. John

    Is this a wind up ARSEHollNal, what ridicules scores for Arse players Merts is a 8 and daws a 6. Gibbs an 8 whilst rose only a 5 pmsl. Your team is shite, lloris is 10 times a keeper scez will ever be. If your going to write garbage like this then don’t pick figures out of fresh air.

    Load of crap


      1. danyiddoshevlin

        You haven’t had to play the team we have now before.You cocky twat.You are the only one that believes this bullshit.In fact I don’t even see any other Asrenal fans commenting.Cunt


  15. oz

    Same team that finished above you last year.yes you’ve spent a fortune but lost a 26 goal player.soldano 2 pens wow that’s great for a 26 mill player.cazola and Walcott will rip you up like last year.


  16. Alex

    HaHa – you’ve drawn in the ~Spurs trolls in the comments. Spurs always are winning the league in August but 5th or lower in May. The truth is that at the moment Arsenals 1st 11 is man for man better. Spurs have better depth but thats a depth of moderately good players not world class.

    Oh – to those accusing of bias – eh … its an Arsenal site. Why are you even here? Worried are we?


    1. danyiddoshevlin

      Cunt! And as you have no notion of how the internet works I suppose I’ll explain that this articles title comes up on News Now.
      Did I already say cunt? You cunt!


  17. Justintime

    You can only be a Gooner with the total Bollocks you have wrote hopefully come sunday we shove this load of Bull back down your typical delusional we’re going to win the league gooner crap…….TTID



    Funnily enough I think you are slightly right. But also very wrong , collectively Tottenham have a more aggressive, athletic and balanced team.


  19. cam2410

    This is actually embarrassing. Im so embarrassed for you… These ratings are utter bullshit! hahaha. soldado only 1 point over giroud? seen the stats from last season? and paulinho isnt better than ramsey? what fucking drugs are you on? oh and lloris is a clear 9, and Szczesny is an embarassing joke of a goalkeeper. his mistakes are absolutely horrific and they’re on a regular basis.


  20. Tosign05

    Soldado played in an easier league in the last 3 season compared to Giroud who was new in premiership. Even Legend Drogba couldn’t perform better in his first year in premier league. Giroud has since been a regular in French team even over Benzema. Prove me wrong please! Neither Giroud nor Soldado is a world class at the moment. They are just decent strikers to be rated nothing more than 6 for now. Ramsey with his present form can play for any country. Paulinho was there when the almighty Brazil lost to Swizerland. Based on the present form, I wouldn’t rate Wilshere over Dembele. Reverse should be the case. Luiz Gustavo rejected Arsenal offer basically because his position cant be guaranteed. Vetougen did same a season ago because of same reason. The best Arsenal 11 beats the best Mancity 11 just a month ago. They were able to score one when Arsenal substituted with weak under 17 player in Zalem. The only team who beat Bayern at home throughout last season. Even Bacenola found it difficult. We all saw how chelsea defended for 80 min on Friday. Arsenal definitely lack debt. But they definitely have a very good team. Spur has excellent players, it is left for the coach to create a team from those players. If he succeeds, Arsenal might be sitting behind spurs in years to come. Nothing good comes cheap. I’m just a realistic gooner.


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