10 Reasons why we will beat Tottenham + Likely starting 11

1..We have a nice core players who know what it means to win and lose this fixture and a free transfer in Flamini who loves kicking them up in the air

2..We have Kos back after his unfortunate red card vs Villa

3..Sagna can go back to right back and has been one of our stand out players this season so far

4..Ramsey, he deserves the praise heaped on him at the moment, he will be key to beating them

5..They have lost Bale, none of the players they have left are even close to him as a match winner

6..The new signings they have made will not have had time to settle in and defiantly will have no idea how to handle the hot bed that is one of the fiercest Derby’s in British football

7..They have struggled to score goals from open play this season (the mikey mouse Thursday games clearly don’t count), we have scored 11 in the last 3 games.

8..Our Record Vs them…won 74 drawn 47 lost 54

9..The more hype and bravado tottenham fans come out with normally means the more egg on their faces

10..Wenger knows, lose this one and he’s going to lose what little faith some Arsenal fans have left in him, win and then spend big Monday and he might not be job hunting so soon.

Likely Starting 11 – Chesney, Sagna, Merts, Kos, Gibbs, Ramsey, Jack, Flamini, Santi, Theooo, Oliver

Prediction 4-0




49 thoughts on “10 Reasons why we will beat Tottenham + Likely starting 11

  1. The Chief Geezer

    hahahahahaha what a load of shight… i bet you believe in god, the easter bunny and the tooth fairy too…. you know nothing cunt, your team is shight and Tottenham will fuck you up u little ponce

  2. feenix

    The amount of Gooner blogs getting on our site is quite ridiculous. They must be really worried about the new Tottenham team. This joker is writing off players I bet he knows nothing about when he should be worrying about how Speedy Mertsucker is going to keep up with all the pace Spurs have.

  3. Tom

    Flamini who loves kicking us up in the air? against Sandro or Capoue, possibly both? lol not a chance. he would break his leg trying. Im going to enjoy coming back on here after we spank you. COYS

  4. RedOrDead

    See if there on here after the match when we win 3-1. Can`t wait for “What a waste of money”!!!! Up the Arsenal!

    1. Tao Chang

      “See if they’re on here”. Please – better English. I think Arsenal will probably win today because Spurs will need time to bed in but let’s see who will be ahead after 38 games this year.

  5. harry

    in all seriousness in think its going to be the toughest game arsenal have had to face against spurs. people are saying arsenalare going to flop as we havent bought any players but we still have a strong squad. we managed to defend amazingly in the last half of the season with koscielny and per so why cant we do it now. were coming off 3 great results and ramsey looks unstoppable. but nevertheless, spurs will give us a run for our money. the players will not have had time to gel but that doesnt mean they wont have an oustanding game on their own.

    My Prediction: 3-2 arsenal!! walcott get 2, giroud goal, soldado pen and holtby goal.

    c’mon the arsenal πŸ™‚

  6. Stop making idiotic posts that appear on our forums

    You guys are really desperate???? Stop fucking writing shite that gets onto our forums… The last few days I come to check for any news and all I see are posts by stupid Arsenal fans (in all fairness not Arsenal fans are idiots) who are desperately trying to forget all the toubles they have by having a dig at Spurs…

    While we have gone on with our job and realise where we stand, you guys are so completely obsessed with us.. It is like your meassure of success these days is if you will beat us or finish on top of us!!!!

  7. goonersx Post author

    Firstly I have never asked or want to appear on the deluded lot’s newsfeeds. Secondly it could of been written by a 60 year old, they still wouldn’t of seen tottenham win the league…ole ole ole ole ole…..

  8. dimensionalvortexishere

    Lol at these 10 delusions.

    Capoue alone is going to dine on your midfield.

    Gooners, think of this…we will have players on the bench that would walk into your starting 11.

  9. Ledley80

    Shall we wait till after the game to see how many of his 10 reasons are true, I feel this gonner will end up with egg on his face. Please repost at 6pm to see what he has to say. If they do lose no doubt they will be robbed by the referee or the Spurs will cheat, remember Wenger has never lost a game fairly in his Arsenal career they have been robbed every time!! COYS

  10. Ty

    It really isn’t a be-all-end-all game. Early season, both teams trying to settle, lots of goals but it’ll end equal (2-2). So come on Arsenal, knuckle down and make this a season to remember!
    Oh! And Arsene sign, sign, sign some players

  11. Arsene wenger

    This is absolute crap. You are a fool what are you doing writing this shit on the Internet. You fucking idiot. Have you ever watched an arsenal game. Unfortunately things ain’t the best at the minute. Well done for optimism but fucking hell, you’re dumb

  12. Cheadle

    My thoughts exactly!! Send out more positive energy and we shall get positive results — Its a disappointment to read some Arsenal heroes like Adams come out claiming that Tots have suddenly blasted miles ahead of us cos they bought a truck load of players. I remember Newcastle and QPR also buying a truck-load of mercs. last season even Wenger freaked out. No ex-TOT ever said anything positive about Arsenal our heroes should get behind the team! Its a good thing people think Arsenal need not be feared cos we need teams to play against us with reckless abandon. Please PLAY A NICE FREE FLOWING OPEN GAME AGAINST US. No need to park the bus. ITS ONLY ARSENAL RIGHT?

  13. Tottenham are Londons Biggest and Best

    arsenal are Tottenhams bitches… spurs are gonna destroy the pissy pants goons, look how scared they all are… fooking bunch of wimps from the fans to the manager and their players… a gaggle of ladyboys, thats what the goons are

  14. Smee

    Cheadle! You seem to forget Jamie Redknapp is so far up Arsenals arse when dishing out praise, mind you he is bitter and twisted, just like his old man! C,O,Y,S

  15. Joel

    You had the bloody Cheek !! To come with your diving , walking troll faced signings to the emirates !! wtf did you expect .. FOREVER IN OUR SHADOW!! LONDON WAS IS AND FOR EVER WILL BE RED!! No I got to go , I need to piss … ah I think ! I see a nice white Lilly Plant to pee!!!

  16. Joel

    NICK,totter are MR londons biggest lump of SH*T, THE CHIef of sh*t Hart lame! and Ledley80 come on its 6 buddy .. I guess your bussy cleaning troll eggs off your mommas C*NT! hahaha ! Go F*CK OFFF to

  17. G1971

    Hahaha, fuck off yids. Β£100m and still in the shadow. Now do everyone a favour and fuck off back to Middlesex where you belong.

    ‘Ole ole ole ole ole, forever in our shadow you will be’

  18. Smee

    Your definately deluded if you think a narrow victory makes things right for your team, B.T.W well done on your win, lets see how well you do in the rematch once the Spurs team has gelled,,,,GOONS ? Looney Tunes more like!! C.O.Y.S

    1. Joel

      Go ware some lilies in your hair ware a fucking dress and play who stole my monkey ! In Shit fart lame stadium Fag! Totters can go suck the BFG’s Dick!

  19. Jhood

    Forever in our shadows !

    tiny winy tots ( the scum of London from that losers Lane) keep on coming up with excuses

    latest one ”wait for our team to gel……they are all on gel now”
    mind the gap……it’s about to get wider with you in the back


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