1 nil, spending f**k all – Now to sign Ozil

Here at SheWore, we have saying ‘we told you so’ but we did. We really did. A glance through our blogs for last week highlights our positivism. Some called us ludicrous. Some called us deluded. And some just laughed at us. Although the majority were Spurs fans. On a side note, I wonder if the hundreds of Spurs fans who have commented on here last week deriding our blogs will admit they were wrong, and that Arsenal were the better team. Probably not.

The point we were making all week is that you can spend £100million on players. But that does not mean you are better than The Arsenal. By losing Bale, all spending £100 million meant was that they had stood still. A more solid midfield, with less creativity. As shown by the fact they have yet to score from anything but a penalty this season.

Yes, Erikson will change them. He is a creative genius. But on Sunday, they looked more like an expensive Stoke, with a hard working, untalented side. The fact that there most creative player was Andros Townsend, who is dross, sums them up.

Over £30 million worth of new midfield talent in their starting line up was shown up. I said last week, I would take Ramsey & Wilshere over Capoue & Paulinho and I was proved right, as the Anglo-Welsh combination rang rings around them that Capoue got so dizzy that he fell over and broke his leg. Too think, some deluded Spurs fans were ‘boasting’ that he would break Wilshere’s leg!

The amazing thing about the victory over Spurs is there mocking of the signing of Yaya Sanogo. Whilst they had spent over £100m, all we had got in was ‘A French Postman on a Free.’ Well we did not even need the postman to deliver. He remained on the bench, spending 45 minutes warming up.

It was the performance of another Frenchman on a free which would give Arsenal fans most delight. We have been crying out for additional support in the middle of the park all summer. And the disappointment held by many when Flamini signed on a free was justifiable. However, Jack Wilshere getting the shits before half time meant that Flamini came into play. And what he showed is his stay in Milan has not taken away any of his work rate or sharpness. He showed leadership in the middle of the park, a bite in the tackle, and has surely solved our midfield problem. With Flamini, Arteta, Ramsey & Wilshere all vying for the 2 central midfield positions, it is hard to see where a new signing would fit in. Especially with the lack of truly great central midfielders that will be available. One things for certain, I can not see us going for Yohann Cabaye today.

And that brings us nicely onto the last day of the transfer window. Despite the victory, we are still short. However not as short as some will make you believe. Results against Fulham, Fenerbache and Spurs have shown that the 17/18 players we currently have are very good. And remember, it was only a poor referring decision in the Villa game that has probably stopped us being 9 points from 3 games.

In defence, things look ok. 4 good fullback and, once Thomas Vermaelen gets fit, 3 solid centrebacks. With Laurent Koscielny and Per Mertersacker proving themselves to be the best centreback pairing in the Premier League. With Sagna providing an able deputy as 4th choice centreback, the question is would we be able to get in someone who is:

a) Better than Sagna
b) Would be happy being 4th choice
c) Not cost an arm and a leg

We saw with the signing of Sebastien Squillaci that it is now always easy buying a 4th choice centreback. They can be a costly failure if they become mistake ridden. That is why we are perhaps better sticking with Sagna. Especially as Flamini and Ramsey can both cover full back in an emergency.

What might be the most exciting news of the transfer window is Mesut Ozil. He is rumoured to of landed in London this morning, with a deal already agreed with Real Madrid. There seems to be a reluctance for him to leave Real Madrid, and Arsenal is a step down. You get the feeling Arsene Wenger will have to sell the club and the future well to him.

I also would not be surprised if, upon hearing that Ozil is available, Manchester United try to hijack the bid. This could lead to a bit of a domino effect, as it would surely mean Kagawa then comes available. He may well end up back at Germany. Schalke could be the best option outside of Dortmund and Bayern Munich. That then free’s up Julian Draxler to join Arsenal.

And with Jaun Mata and Angel Di Maria also reportedly available, there are plenty of options if the Ozil deal does not happen.

Two things are for certain. Firstly today will be an exciting day for us Arsenal fans. Secondly, 1 Nil and we spent Fuck All.

Have a good transfer deadline day



2 thoughts on “1 nil, spending f**k all – Now to sign Ozil

  1. bc

    ideally a squad has 25 players (17 non-homegrown and 8 homegrown of which you want 2 players for each position, plus an extra keeper, an extra defensive player (midfield or defence) and an extra attacking player (midfield, winger or striker) plus an unlimited amount of under 21s
    Currently our squad has just 19 players (14 non-homegrown (inc park) and 5 homegrown (inc bendtner) of which 2 are keepers, 6 are defenders, 6 are midfielders, 5 are forwards. in addition we have 42 under 21s with the oldest being jack Wilshire.
    so ideally we still need to add 1 gk, 2 defenders, 1 holding midfielder, 1 attacking midfielder and once park and bendtner are moved on 3 strikers/wingers. I will be happy with 1 gk, 1 defender, 1 holding midfielder, 1 attacking midfielder, 1 striker/winger


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