Mesut Ozil brings end to Cesc Fabregas ‘homecoming’

Ever since Cesc Fabregas left Arsenal to go home to Barcelona, there has been talk of his return to the Emirates.

This has been fueled by his wife and daughter still living in London and his inability to establish himself in the Barcelona first team. Reports are that his dream move back to his childhood club has not been the dream he expected, with fans continually getting on his back. It was supposed to be the prodigal son returning. But it ended up just reminding the world of why he left to begin with – Xavi and Iniesta blocking his progress.

With Barcelona currently in the middle of a financial crisis, up to their eyeballs in debt, they struggle to finance future transfers. This year saw them sign one player, Neymar. He was financed by the sales of David Villa and Thiago Alcantara. This lead to a net transfer deficit of €26 Million. It also does not take into account how much of the Neymar transfer was paid by Nike. The mathematics are simple, Barcelona need to sell to buy. And with Cesc Fabregas, he is certainly 1 player who is surplus to requirements, alongside Alexis Sanchez.

Reports this summer indicated that Fabregas was on the market and Barcelona were willing to listen to offers for him. This lead to Manchester Uniteds £40 million pursuit of the Catalonian midfielder. It was Cesc’s reluctance to join Manchester United rather than Barcelona’s reluctance to sell which lead to a deal not happening.. Cesc Fabregas is most definitely on the market.

So why has he not yet joined Arsenal? I hear you all ask. Well the response is simple, the signing of Mesut Ozil.

The signing of the German puts a halt on any possibility of Cesc Fabregas returning to the club. Cesc’s favourite position is in the number 10 role, where Ozil will play. Alongside Cazorla, Rosicky and Oxlade-Chamberlain, we are now well stocked in the number 10 position. To now buy Cesc would be unthinkable.

Mesut Ozil is 18 months younger than Cesc Fabregas. Despite him seemingly being around for years – he first came to prominence when named man of the match in a 4–0 win over England during the 2008 U-21 European Championship final, before staring for Germany at the 2010 World Cup at just 20 – he is still just 24. Cesc is an old man at 26!

Even Fabregas himself admits that Ozil will shine in the Premier League, stating in Al Primer Toque;

“His style is nailed on for Arsenal. It’s a league with a lot more spaces and he is a player that, with [such] spaces, can kill you. We have seen it with Real Madrid. He has a brilliant final ball and in the Premier he will enjoy it a lot.”

So with the signing of Mesut Ozil, there is no longer space for Cesc Fabregas.

There is a possibility that he could play deeper. But with Aaron Ramsey and Jack Wilshere both capable of playing there, can a £26million investment in Cesc Fabregas be justified? Probably not. Especially when we have other area’s of the team that still needs to be improved on.

It leaves Cesc in a little bit of limbo. Arsenal no longer need him. Barcelona will listen to offers for him. So where will he end up? Or do we care?

I don’t, because we’ve got Mesut Ozil.


13 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil brings end to Cesc Fabregas ‘homecoming’

  1. mosgoon

    it seems that Fabregas genuinely wants to stay at Barca. That is fine with me. I do not think he is particularly driven by money (by footballing standards anyway!!). I think there is a good chance he will stay there.

  2. Sebastian

    There aren’t many players in that position better than Fabregas. However, Ozil is one of them. Sorry Cesc. You did leave after all.

  3. Dano

    There is is always room for a player of the quality of fabregas. A midfield 5 of
    Santi…..Cesc…..Mesut……Theo and Rambo/mikel in behind, who cares who won’t play as much. .Although I do think this set up would require a beast of a DM if it were to happen. No-one is bigger than the club and bar Messi/Ronaldo possibly maybe, No player too big for the club. We all know Arsene likes a nice easy transfer and if we are gonna be going for the big boys from now on, for us it won’t get much easier than Cesc if, as you say, he is already on the market.

  4. Dano

    ‘The signing of the German puts a halt on any possibility of Cesc Fabregas returning to the club. Cesc’s favourite position is in the number 10 role, where Ozil will play. Alongside Cazorla, Rosicky and Oxlade-Chamberlain, we are now well stocked in the number 10 position. To now buy Cesc would be unthinkable.’

    I don’t agree with this statement at all!. Rosicky is 32, Cazola is effective on the wings and Ox is an excellent ‘squad player’ if we had these options. So is Podolski for left wing or CF. Rest, Rotation, what on earth is wrong with having the luxury of the option to put the likes of mesut or cesc on the bench or resting them totally?

    Chelsea do it. CL winners
    Munich do it. CL winners
    Barcelona do it. CL winners

    See where i’m going with this????

      1. Dano

        So you are saying it is impossible to have Mesut and Cesc in the same 11? That’s the only slither of argument that you have. What about burn out? Or injuries? Or playing a Tuesday after a Saturday? you know, those Champions League ties? World class players also want to win trophies and the way to do that is surround them with other world class players. What do you think the players would prefer? play 60 games and win nothing, or play 40 games and win some trophys? What club in the world would say no to having Mesut and Cesc in their squad if they have the financial capability to do so??
        That is probably what swung the lead in our favour this time around, but that doesn’t mean that’s what needs to be said to him. Especially not if it looks like we are going to be a true force again with a striker of the same stature of Mesut coming our way in january or early summer.

  5. immaculate

    Fabregas is welcome any day.Arsenal will be stronger with him .Your post make no sense.Imagine a midfield of ozil, fabregas, wilshere, arteta, Diaby(if fit), ramsey and rosicky.It will send fear to any team in the world.Fab04 you are welcomeeeeeeeeeee


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