3 more sleeps till Ozil

In 3 sleeps time, we will be able to experience one of the greatest moments in recent history (ie the last 5 years). The debut of Mesut Ozil. The first truly world class player that Arsenal have signed since Dennis Bergkamp. Maybe even before that. He is a truly great signing. His story and journey has been done to death. This is more about the excitement of his debut.

It feels like the countdown to Christmas day. Only that I have not been able to open a little door hiding a chocolate for the last 24 days. The excitement  is building. I imagine that this Friday, just like on Christmas Eve, I will not be able to sleep. Might have to have a few drinks to knock me out.

On Saturday morning, I will be getting on the train to Sunderland. At 9.44am from Kings Cross to be exact. Landing in Newcastle at a little before one. Cross the road to O’Neill’s for a few beers before making the way to the game. I am buzzing just writing this.

Not only will it be the debut of Mesut Ozil, it will also be the first proper away trip after a relatively short trip to Fulham what seems like an age ago (thanks FIFA). Last year Sunderland was rated by The Lads as ‘The Best Away Trip’. This year it could go either way, with the tight train jounrey on the way home (miss our 6pm train from Newcastle, and thanks to National Rail doing works on the line, we could end up taking a 4 train, 5 hour journey via Newcastle, Sheffield, Loughborough and finally getting to Kings Cross at around midnight!). What you do for love hey?

Anyway, back to Ozil. Originally the thoughts were he would not start. Arsene Wenger has a history of ensuring a new signings first start was at home. And with today being the first training session with his new team mates, it would have been likely that he would be on the bench against both Sunderland and Marseille, before making his first full start against Stoke City next Sunday.

However, after Theo Walcott limping off against Ukraine, Tomas Rosicky picking up a thigh injury and Podolski, Oxlade Chamberlain, Arteta and Diaby still injured, we are light in midfield (where have we heard that before?). Luckily reports of Aaron Ramsey being out look to be unfounded. This could lead to Ozil making his first start of the season, potential on the right wing:

Wilshere Flamini Ramsey
Ozil Giroud Cazorla

Just writing this has made me excited. We have Mesut Ozil. Mesut Fricking Ozil.

And on Saturday, no matter if he starts or comes off the bench, we will see his debut. And I can not wait.

3 more sleeps to go



2 thoughts on “3 more sleeps till Ozil

    1. Adamsjerry

      Buddy, i stil can feel it dwn 2my spines…it feelz like christmas,cn,t wait 2see ozil in arsenal kits…saw his first training 2day bt i lukz lik dream 2me.We are thin in attack-wise(tnx 2mourihno) bt i think giroud is doin a decent job,compliemntz hz lack of pace wit gud positional & movements traits…Dz is our season, up gunners!


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