I don’t care about Tottenham, lets care about Arsenal

During the West Bromwich Albion game, news filtered through about the Tottenham results. Firstly it was 0-1. Then 0-2. Then finally 0-3. People were getting excited. Some were even signing songs about it. But I stood there motionless. I did not care. Because here is the thing, when Arsenal are playing, there is only 1 result I care about, and that is Arsenal’s.

I was actually getting angry during the game, as fans sang about Spurs losing, laughed at their score and were happy about the way things were. At the time, Arsenal were drawing 1-1, we did not have 3 points in the bag, yet rather the support our side, cheer them to victory, we were too concerned with the Tottenham result. And that is not right.

For me, as much as I hate Tottenham, I do not care for their results. We are not trying to catch them, we are not trying to pull away, we are ahead. We are in the title race, they are looking at top 4. Yes, if it was 10 games to go and we were close, I would care, but that is not the case. For now, I am more concerned about the results of Manchester City and Liverpool, our competitors for the league title.

So what I ask all fans, whilst Arsenal are playing, lets ignore that lot up the Road. When Arsenal are playing, lets concentrate on the boys in red and white. If Tottenham lose, that is a bonus, but the most important result is Arsenal winning. That is all we should care about.

We cheer us to victory, nothing else maters. Let’s forget about Spurs and concentrate on The Arsenal.


How does it feel to be Tottenham
How does it feel to be small
You sold Bale
We signed Mesut Ozil
Mesut Ozil, Mesut Ozil


10 thoughts on “I don’t care about Tottenham, lets care about Arsenal

  1. Trophyless gunner

    Can’t agree more, arsenal’s class is high up there unlike spurs who are title pretenders. Arsenal are genuine title contendants so why compare with spurs??..


  2. Aicher

    Arsenal title contenders?
    I don’t think so
    You have not played a team yet that finished in the top 4 last season
    As usual arsenal get an easy first 10 games to build confidence.
    You will fall short come the end of season, knackered by Christmas, and dumped into the Europa league
    Title contenders? No chance


    1. Antique Gunmen

      I suspect you are Spuddies? or some big daddy oil money monkey club who running gasply this year. Who ever you are, you must be borned deluded. We are you from? A soul assylum? When last time Arsenal play Europa league or it’s associate? 25 years a go? What TV do you watch? A Timbuktu channels? You like it or not, we are gaining momentum into our deserve place : TOP OF THE LEAGUE.
      North London is white. What a joke!!



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