Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey, The Defence, Wojciech Szczesny and More…

Mesut Ozil

Sign Mesut Ozil for £42.5million, Arsenal score the goal of the season with beautiful one touch play, Ozil no where to be seen, but then scores a header. Have we signed a freakier Peter Crouch? Of course, I jest. I wonder if Arsene Wenger tells the rest of his side to just feed the monkey? He has shown what spending big on a world class player does to the side, the fans, and more. You have to feel that he gives the likes of Wilshere and Ramsey confidence by being there. After all, if he has joined Arsenal to play with them, how good must they be? Hopefully we will now see one big money world class player signing a summer and build on Ozil.

Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey

After a rough start to the season for Wilshere, he seems to be getting back to full fitness and is looking stronger and quicker for it. A top draw goal, he is silencing his critics who seem to forget he is just 21 and has just spent the best part of 2 seasons injured. As for Aaron Ramsey, he is a reminder to Jack what hard work gets you. Another great goal by The General. The argument about him being the best central midfielder in league is over. He is. The debate now is where does he rank in world football?

The Defence

Whilst Arsenal are getting plaudits from around the world for the scintillating attacking play against Norwich, we once again failed to keep a clean sheet. Arsenal have kept 1 clean sheet in the league this season. It is a worry that we are conceding a goal a game.

Wojciech Szczesny

The Big Pole has grown this season. The way he comes out for corners, dominating the box, is majestic to watch. At 6ft 5in, a huge reach and a brilliant leap, he comfortable gets over 10ft in the air at corners. He not only gets the ball, he catch’s it rather than punches it. He seems to of regained his concentration, probably helped by the signing of Viviano to keep him on his toes. At just 23, he will continue to improve. A new goalkeeper in January will not be on anyone’s list.

Top of the League

2 points clear after 8 games, it feels good chanting “We are top the league”. We might not yet of played anyone of note, and the comparisons to ‘the same games last year’ will continue, but the fact is, we are top. In the calendar year of 2013, we have got more points than any other side. A home match against Liverpool, then an away trip to Manchester United, with 2 games against Borussia Dortmund, a League Cup tie against Chelsea and a tricky trip to Crystal Palace will show us just how good our side is. Come out of the run still top of the league, having qualified for the next round of the Champions League, and in the fifth round of the League Cup would be the dream result. Keep up the positive energy!

Emirates Atmosphere

Success and atmosphere go hand in hand. It is easier to cheer and sing when your team are winning. And it is no surprise that we now have the best atmosphere at home since moving to the new ground in the best start to a season at our new ground. The ground is establishing it’s identity. With The East Stand and North Bank taking ownership of the old “We are the North Bank Highbury” song. where as before, it was fragmented with people singing about where they sat at the Home of Football, they are now signing about where they sit in the new stadium. With 60,000 people, we can be the 12th man. Sing up for The Arsenal.



2 thoughts on “Mesut Ozil, Jack Wilshere and Aaron Ramsey, The Defence, Wojciech Szczesny and More…

  1. mint

    Normal service is on it’s way to being resumed 🙂
    Ramsey is getting better n better, Jack is getting back to his best and Ozil is on another level to what we’ve been used to the past few years. Add Santi, Chambo & Podolski to what we have plus a possible goal machine in January and things are looking up . You won’t see a better goal than our 1st yesterday this season The Arsenal would make Barca look like Barnet if they played them now 🙂 and long may it continue

    Up The Arsenal


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