Last nights atmosphere and the BSM’s ClockEnd idea

My take on last night, the BSM got as many people in the block 19 as possible but still didn’t have enough to over come the apathy of lots of the usual customers who watch the match from there. So the recreation of the clockend could be described as a failure if you want to be very negative but it was not for the want of trying and we tried, very hard.

Now the aggro….When the chavs scored they attempted to light a flare, at this point it all got a bit aggro (this happens even with out BSM in the block) and the problem was that OUR stewards were more intent on giving the home fans grief than the away fans..

At some point further a bottle was thrown from the away fans which ignited passions even further but again the stewards attention was wholly focus on the home fans not the perpetrators. At no point with either incident did I see an Arsenal steward go into the away fans to find the guilty parties. This of course exacerbated the feelings of “the club hate the home fans more than the away fans”…..

Lots did leave before the final whistle but to be fair most of the ground did last night, it was a bad performance on the pitch. I hope this puts the record straight from a row 22 perspective

BSM blog and further details of the Clockend idea >

2 thoughts on “Last nights atmosphere and the BSM’s ClockEnd idea

  1. mack

    Last year Arsenal fans were throwing coins in the Chelsea end at the bridge. Home fans were reprimanded by stewards and police for retaliating not us for starting. Away fans get away with more, that’s really the same anywhere.

    There is more of a siege mentality within the away fans, its the harder group to control.

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