True extent of Arsenal’s awful record at Old Trafford revealed

During the game against Manchester United, at 1-0 down, I got thinking, ‘when was the last time we came from behind at Old Trafford to get a draw or win’? Having had the day off work today (to sober up after getting back into London gone midnight), I decided to research it.

Despite a few hours on Google, looking through some of the many Arsenal books I have, I was unable to find this. What I did discover, however, was just how bad our record at Old Trafford has been over the last 2 decades;


Fours wins in 20 years at Old Trafford in all competitions. 4 wins in 28 games. 3 in the Premier League, 1 in the FA Cup.

Overall, Arsenal’s record away to Manchester United (Including Woolwich Arsenal, Newton Heath and the Bank Street Ground) is: P 100, W 16, D 25, L 59, F 83, A 187. Not a great record hey! And it brings something else onto the table. Even when Manchester United were not very good, they often had Arsenal’s number in Manchester. They average 1.87 per game in Manchester, Arsenal average 0.83.

So perhaps it was a bit hopeful us going to Manchester hoping – even expecting – a victory. History shows that is rarely the case. And averaging under a goal a game in Manchester, well it means when we go 1-0 down, it is unlikely we will come back to grab a draw, let alone a win. It might be defeatist, however history allows us to predict the future, and history shows that Arsenal coming from behind to get something from Manchester United in Manchester rarely happens.

To answer my original question, of when we last came from behind to win or draw at Old Trafford, I enlisted the help of @Gooner_AK at our friends over at The Arsenal History Blog.

The last time we came from behind to draw or win in Manchester? 5 November 1977.

Manchester United took the lead through Gordon Hill on 60 minutes, with Arsenal hitting back through Malcolm Macdonald (66) and Frank Stapleton (83). 37 years ago.


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